Silver Bullet

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“There is no silver bullet. There are always options and the options have consequences.”

– Ben Horowitz

     In folklore, it was believed that a bullet made from silver is usually the only weapon capable of destroying a werewolf. Overtime, metaphorically speaking,  the phrase “silver bullet” has developed to refer to a specific, supposedly magical solution to a problem.

     When penicillin, which is a group of antibiotics, was introduced, it became known as the “Silver Bullet”; it was able to cure many bacterial infections that were, at the time, deadly. Nowadays, due to the continuous use of such medications, many  types of bacteria have developed resistance to such products – end of “silver bullet” medicine.

     When we take a look at history books, and all the events that took place, its very clear that a single action does not stop a course of actions, and if such action was taken, most likely the results were – and still might be – dire.

     One might safely say that a “silver bullet” simply does not exist. There is no one secret magical spell or enchanted pill that can get us what we want. We are given options, choices, opportunities – and it is simply a matter of whether we have enough strength to utilize these options, or whether we’ll retreat back and wait for a miracle to happen.

    And miracles, they do happen, but even miracles take some time; they are also a result of hard work, patience, perseverance, and drive. Instead of waiting around doing nothing, hoping for the best, one should go out and make things happen. Hustle and make it work. Find a way, and if there is no road that leads to the wanted destination, carve one. Achieve goals and dreams. Shine. That’s what we should aim for.

    Don’t wait for a silver bullet, be the silver bullet.


Happy Thursday!


Yours Truly,


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