Loneliness & Solitude Pt.2

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It is true that feeling lonely sometimes doesn’t mean that you are alone, but in my case it did mean that.

I think it is important that I write about this because I don’t see much (or any) information about this online, and that is probably because it is something rare, but rare doesn’t mean nonexistent and therefore I am writing this. For the few people out there who are actually alone just like I was.

Growing up for me; being lonely meant being in complete solitude, away from the world. The closest people to me lived oceans away. Those people were the only interaction I had on a day to day basis. Beyond text on a screen, I had no one. I was lonely, and I was lonely because I was alone. I remember searching online, and only seeing people talk about feeling lonely when they were surrounded by all their friends. I couldn’t relate. I was never surrounded by people. I had no physical interaction with anyone at all. Yet, I enjoyed solitude. I love(d) myself and my own company, but being in complete solitude for a long period of time is not healthy, and it is lonely.

I believe that humans need real, physical,  social interaction to survive. “We need each other for our psychological survival”. Having people around you, have people to talk to, and people you can trust & rely on is important. We know this. All I can say to anyone who is going through the same thing as I did, is that you need to put time and effort into seeking social interaction (in the real world, not the online world). Eventually you will attract the right people into your life. “Seek and you shall find.”




So sometimes solitude does actually mean loneliness

…and if you are experiencing this remember to open yourself up to finding others. We all need each other after all.



x, J

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