Twisted Dictionary


Society has a way of giving concepts the wrong definitions, and unfortunately, every one of us contributes to this to a certain degree. It is not just a matter of stereotypes. It is the action of people misjudging others and labeling them with something they are not, merely because they’re not open minded enough to accept the other person just as they are.

Here’s a list of some of the most common misdefined concepts, and what I call a twisted dictionary:

-Woman defending her rights: radical feminist 

-Man being simply human: weak

-Someone who cares about their looks: shallow

-Someone who chooses carefully: too picky

-Special need: disability

-Mentally ill: crazy

-Open minded: has no standards

-Workaholic: has no life

-Confident: cocky

-Kind: naive 

-Friendly: flirty

-Goal oriented: selfish

-Growth: sudden change 

I can almost guarantee that everyone who’s reading this has been misjudged, misdefined and can relate to at least one of the above, and the list goes on. I hope one day everyone would see things as they really are. It is a matter of giving concepts the right definitions and not twisting them based on personal preferences and lack of understanding.



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