This Too Shall Pass


It has been once said that, long ago, a powerful king asked his sages for a quote that would be accurate at all times and in all situations. After much thought and contemplation, the sages finally came up with the answer…

“This too, shall pass”

The ruler was so impressed by the statement that he had it engraved onto a ring.


As humans, we experience a plethora of feelings and emotions throughout our lives – happiness and sadness, pain and peace, pleasure and affliction, and many more. And its rather advantageous to allow oneself to feel, to be present in the moment and sense all that’s occurring around us. However, sometimes, negativity strikes, and one’s aura is completely transformed; it becomes a black hole that attracts the negative, the sad, and the unpleasant, all the while causing a person to drift away from the state of euphoria.

And, truth be told, that is all fine – because this too shall pass. All the hardships we’re facing, all the battles we’re fighting, all the obstacles that we have to overcome, its all a normal part of life.

“Life is guaranteed to have its ups and downs. Keep smiling. keep your head up. Keep pushing through.”

Life wasn’t meant to be easy; it was meant to be lived.

There will be times when despair hits, and everything just breaks loose – we have to fight those times. Moments will come when one might feel unappreciated, sidelined, an extra, or an intruder – we must surpass these moments. When feelings of confusion and not belonging start stirring your inner peace – shed off all elements that are disrupting your harmony.

We must have the courage to believe, truly believe, that this too shall pass, and all will be well at the end.

So, this is a letter to:

Those who had a rough week. Those who felt like a burden; who felt like they didn’t belong, even amongst the closest of people. Those who smiled, regardless of the restlessness that they’ve been feeling within. Those who refuse to sink further into the controlling negativity.

We are incredible. We make this world a little bit more wonderful. We are loved.  We are never alone. We’ve done this before, we’ll do it again. We’ve got this.


Even the darkest nights will end, and the sun will rise!


3-01_2000xHappy Thursday!


Yours Truly,



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