Few Questions Asked

It all started with a conversation between two people. One of course is me and the other one shall remain anonymous.

The reason behind writing this post is because I was actually bothered and annoyed by my way of answering the questions I was asked..

Ok, so the conversation was mainly  “Questions and Answers”

I have always found myself good at talking with people but for some reason this person paralyzed me.. In a way I couldn’t put sentences together. I couldn’t even make sense to myself.. This got me thinking a lot about things. I couldn’t even sleep at night right because of that conversation…

Long story short I wanted to take the time to actually answer those questions here. And honestly say all that I was supposed to say back then but I couldn’t bring those words together,,

I have been asked so many questions: I’ll answer the one’s I remember.

What are the values and morals you are going to teach your children?

I am not married nor I have children.. But whenever that happens I believe one of my main responsibilities after being a better human being and a supportive wife, I will ensure that I infuse good values and morals that my children will grow having.

Not necessarily my exact morals and values… Because I will teach them to be good thinkers. To have a passion for curiosity. I don’t want them to do as told but to think at least why are they doing what they are doing…

I want my kids to be compassionate people.

They should be honest at all times. There are no colors in lies. As long as you’re telling the truth you’re off the hook.

It is important for me that they have integrity. Practice what they preach.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T is important. Respect themselves, their parents, family, and other people. Whether the person is older or younger. Respect at all times is important. You treat people as you are not as how they treat you.

I believe that being loyal is also extremely important They shouldn’t let go of what they stand for in-exchange for something extra gained.

I’ll teach them that kindness is a strength and to help others in need is mandatory.

I will also infuse the thought how money is not everything. and that making a life is more important than making a living. 

Acceptance is really important as well… Accepted of themselves, their flaws, other people’s differences. I want them to grow learning that not because something is different means that the thing is wrong..

I cannot insist on how being ethical is important… Ethics should be their guideline in living a life feeling good no matter the situation.

***It is really important to have set of values and morals to live by… Or else you’ll live a life not knowing what is good or bad. you will live a life not having the confidence to stand up for yourself and defend your rights or what is right…

You see yourself in this year…… Doing this thing…………

This question was more like… State a year in the future and say what will you be doing and where will you be?

So my answer went like:

In 2019 I will probably be married? Maybe?

In 2022 Hopefully I have one child and in the process of working on my own business to be opened in 2023… When my baby is at least 1-year-old. (Yes I don’t think much of the future since we are living right now right here… But these all are just claims to see how one is thinking of his/her future. And this is how I see mine…

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This question is actually a tough one… Somehow it was hard for me to list my strengths and weaknesses


  • Honesty
  • Loyal
  • Respectful
  • Dedicated
  • Trustworthy


  • Stubborn
  • Procrastinating
  • Lack of patience
  • Unorganized
  • Easily embarrassed

If you could defend one humanitarian case what would it be?

I will always do something for women or children. And I absolutely chose one of the main cases that I would defend with all my strength that is “abused women” #domesticviolence I would defend and be the voice for those who cannot speak. Those who aren’t able to share their thoughts and feelings. I will defend their rights. And be there for them.

If you could choose to help out with one charity what would it be and how?

I was actually asking about one specific charity. I would honestly love to help out and invest my time in an Autism center. I will definitely find my way there and give all the help I could to ‘try’ to make a change…

These are the questions I remember.. We went through a lot of questions, some of them I didn’t even answer. I can’t understand why I stuttered and couldn’t talk in front of that person but I am hoping this post will make it all up because somehow I ended up feeling embarrassed and it really got me… For not being able to speak my mind freely… Which is so not me……



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