Reminders by J: Talk to Yourself the Way You Would to Someone You Love.



“Talk to yourself the way you would to someone you love.”


“You talk to yourself? well you must be crazy!”

I’m sure we’ve all heard something like this before. This statement is of course very false. Communication is something vital in every relationship, especially in the most neglected relationship of all; the one we have with ourselves. I don’t think talking to yourself means you’re crazy or that something must be wrong with you. In fact, I think that not talking to yourself is one of the worst things you could possibly do for yourself.


Why it’s important:

Let me put it this way…

How do you get to know people? By talking to them.

How do you make people enjoy your company? By talking to them in a polite and positive way.


Self Talk-

At some point in my life I learned about positive self talk, but before I learned about that I had to learn about self talk in general. I don’t think many of us even realize that self talk happens in our heads constantly. By talking to ourselves we can really get to know who we are at the core of our beings. We will be able to recognize what truly makes us happy in life.


Positive Self Talk-

By incorporating positive self talk and talking in a polite and positive way, we will ensure a healthy relationship with ourselves. When it comes down to it, you are in control of your own everything. I’ve personally changed my feelings from really bad to really good by simply remembering that I am in control. I talked to myself like I would talk to someone I love that was upset. I was kind and gentle, and I told myself that I could choose to feel bad about something all day, or I could choose to let it go and feel good all day.


How to do it:

  • Learn to listen to your thoughts. Don’t let your thoughts come and go as they please all the time. Listen in; realize what you’re thinking (what you are saying to yourself).


  • Take charge of your thoughts. Don’t let your thoughts take over. You control what you’re thinking about, and in turn you will be able to control your emotions too.


  • Talk to yourself in a loving and kind manner.


  • Avoid negative words and words that discourage you.


Things to say to yourself:

“I can do this” “I got this” “I believe in myself” “I can do anything I set my mind to”

“I can take a break now” “I will be okay” “I am always here for myself”

“I love myself”


With positive self talk:

YOU hold the steering wheel of your mind.

YOU can control your mind however YOU want.

YOU can make your mind a safe, loving and encouraging place; and with that you will live a life of contentment and peace.


Everything you need is within you


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