If there is anything I would say or comment on my style, I’d go with either casual or casual chic. I dont think ‘fancy’ is a word in my lifestyle dictionary. I don’t think I have the patience for the fancy life. Now with that being said, I have no problem with people living that kind of life. But I am more concerned about how are we being judged for not owning fancy things like bags, clothing, bracelets…. etc

I have been questioned before about why I do not own any luxurious bag or anything  that’s high-end. Well, Let me break it down to you.

I bet some of you went like “Whaaaah!”…. Like it’s a really important or essential thing to own something that expensive. As if Somehow I am less of a person right now because of this thing right? Because some people will give you that impression..

Ok let’s get things straight. I can afford anything I want/need. But what I am going to talk about here has nothing to do with the financials.

I am a fair believer that I only need things to put on and cover up. I couldn’t care less where I get it from. As long as they look nice and they match my style.

As I usually associate myself with people who are self content and not having the thought that what you wear is what you are. I never had or have to justify my purchases to anyone, especially clothing brands/bags….Because to me those things are minor.. They don’t define who I am.

I have no idea how things became all high-end brand related. And the endless obsession to own all things expensive and fancy. Even to those people who can’t really afford it but the obsession to buy and get more things is insane.

How the media makes it look like is also sickening.. to me at least. Since I have studied marketing so I do realize how advertisement works. The way they sell you the life of having all those really expensive things, products..  makes you automatically more valued and socially accepted. is false.

“A naïve person might assume that you are getting what you pay for when you buy high-end designer brands. While the fabrics and construction are generally much better than fast fashion, you are mainly paying for marketing. Advertising in Vogue is not cheap, you know. The conglomerates that sell high-end designer brands spend massive amounts of money to convince buyers that their brands are prestigious. That is what you are paying for.”

I am not saying that purchasing those products is not a smart thing to do but I do believe that you shouldn’t feel less of who or what you truly are if you don’t own any of those things or if simply you can’t afford it.

I am more focused on what I do, what I bring to this world rather than what the world thinks of my handbag… If you think of it, it is honestly nonsense and extremely lame.

Let people look into your eyes when speaking to you, not which year your shirt was made in… Or if your having the latest jewelry pieces on you… I think what we are is more important that what we’re wearing.

I wish more people were more aware of this thing….  a lot of people will honestly be less stressed because all what they do is try to impress other people that they might not even care about… But to be told that “oooh look she’s wearing this or that” gives you somewhat a brief satisfaction…… This satisfaction should be within you minus everything outside. With or without the purchases you should achieve self contentment and self confidence that you are valuable on your own; despite what society thinks…

Speaking from experience, If you can find the right pieces, you can turn anything to sophisticated and elegant looking.; despite of the cost…. But away from that please take the time to appreciate yourself, love yourself for who you are and don’t conform to what society wants you to be.

Do yourself a favor and let people love you, respect you and appreciate you for who you are and not what’s on you….. This is my main reason for this post.

I hope this post finds you well, and I hope you do get your answers.

A lot of people out there are being brainwahsed into thinking that the “fancy life” is the better life…. To own expensive things means to be living right…. I hope with time maybe you become aware how’s life is far more deeper than this.

Answer me this:

What makes you think because of your ‘OMG very, Oh Em Je extremely expensive watch/bag… Clothing items’,  that you are better than me or anyone else out there?





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