5 Life Changing Videos

I don’t think a lot of us are aware how words are power; they change lives.

I mean words being said to you repeatedly despite what the words are, could truly leave an impact on your life, your behavior, your thoughts…. and so

Why is it so important for you to have a life surrounded with positive people? What do negative people have? negative words.

Being told that you’re bad, or you can never go anywhere or you’re ugly many times or you need to lose weight because you’re fat…. with time you are actually going to believe it.

I have always believed that even those who inspire and motivate others need to keep themselves motivated.

How can you pour from an empty cup?

I decided that I want to take every chance I get to fill myself up with information and words of motivation. So what’s better than to play those words over and over again on my way to work? honestly to anywhere.

I love playing audio books in places I can’t actually hold a book. driving or walking some place.

But those videos that I am about to share with you guys have really changed a lot of perspectives.

I hope you find your answers in any of those videos like I did. 

Here are 5 most videos I watch almost everyday on my way to work.


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