Real VS Fake

We meet people all the time. And there is no promise that they’re all the same.

We have the good, the bad and the worse. We have the quiet and the loud.

We also have the real and the fake.

I myself have met a lot of real people and I am thankful for having them in my life.

As I always find myself clicking with those who have self respect and self love. Having morals and values as guidelines to your life makes you a very clear person. 

I also have met those vicious, fake people. That I never associate with.

The sooner I discover their falseness; I immediately cut off any sort of relationship I have with them.

Honestly what’s very scary is that some people are becoming more vicious in hiding their personalities and it takes a while for you to realize who’s real and who’s fake. Be a nice person but don’t be naive. Not everyone has a good heart as yours. There are people with 100’s of layers that honestly can destroy you to the last drop.

I’ll be pointing out very briefly the traits of both personalities. You can always share with me what else you think is a traits that separates both personalities in the comments below. 

Genuine people will always be found praising other people, making them feel better. Supporting others in all the possible ways because they know; Another person’s success is not their failure. Someone else’s happiness, doesn’t decrease theirs.

On the other hand you’ll see those fake people always putting down others. As they try to find any excuse to bash another person’s happiness or success. A fake person is full of talk and nothing more. They will always talk bad about others in a bad way. They rarely have good solid friends because they can’t stick around with the same people for so long. So you’ll always find them jumping from one person to the other. Due to the fact they lack self respect, self love; they can’t respect or love anyone else genuinely. They have no morals or values so everything in their lives is a mess.

I truly believe that the door to someone’s soul is their eyes. If you can truly look at someone’s eyes; you’ll see the truth. 

**You can tell a person’s crazy by simply looking into their eyes.

Let me share with you some of the characteristics of both fake and real people.

Fake people:

  • They’re full of themselves
  • Desperate for attention
    • You can totally hear them out. They’re very noisy, loud and all over the place they love attention; because they are constantly waiting to be noticed to feel valid.
  • They always refuse to help others(When they do it’s probably for a photo)
  • They don’t come out as genuine. There is always a layer of some sort…
  • You can always tell a fake person when the only thing that they speak of is themselves
  • Always judgmental
  • They are selective of who deserves respect… You find them respecting only those who have power over them…
  • They usually brag about everything that they do. Nothing is secret to them
  • You can usually find them agreeing to anything that you say.
  • They can never be straight froward. If they have something against you they will never come right to your face and say it. So usually you’ll always find them hiding behind screens/or social media platforms.

Real People:

  • Honest
  • Calm
  • Steady
  • Someone with morals and values
  • Straight forward
  • Not afraid to make mistakes and admitting it
  • Not afraid to say sorry when needed
  • They have self-respect
  • They practice what they preach
  • You don’t normally see them judging others
  • They respect everyone.
  • They don’t think they’re better than anyone else
  • Helpful

Be brave, say what you mean and mean what you say. If you feel somehow that you’re relating more to the “fake people traits” It is ok.. It’s actually good that you’re realizing that. You can always get the help you need. Talk to someone, connect and communicate. Being fake will get you no where. As you will for sure end up alone. And not necessary hated by everyone else but surely avoided by everyone else.

***I can honestly talk more about this topic but I decided to keep it as short as focused and briefed.

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