Stop Assuming!

What you think you truly become. 

What I am trying to say here is for us to stop assuming. As much as I try to keep my mind on the now and see things as they are rather than how I want them to be, but we are all only humans. So, sometimes we let our minds wander… Maybe too much.. That it controls you, consume you, and fills you up with anger; Because your reality does not match your thoughts of how things are supposed to be.

Stop assuming things that aren’t really there.

your self talk could take you up or knock you down. Stop creating those stories and things that aren’t really true. Your negative thoughts could really allure negative events.

What do you actually expect?  Happy events? Happy feelings? When you truly take all the time in the world assuming and making up events of things and how they are suppose to be but then as you are actually becoming more aware of your reality.. You end up getting angry, completely out of your mind. Because when you have let your mind wander, you have actually let your self believe that your thoughts were real somehow. So later on when things started to clear out; you were just plain surprised… So you become angry at those around you but mostly at yourself.

A great communication is lost because of unnecessary assumptions.

I read once a line that really triggered me and I try to always remind myself with it. I forgot how it went literally like but here is what t meant.

“The biggest distance between people is misunderstanding

I am a believer that a lot of things are lost when people truly misunderstand each other. How it all starts? Assuming

  • Assuming what they meant…. When clearly they meant something else
  • Assuming what they will do… When they might end up doing nothing all

So you end up feeling miserable, disappointed, anxious….. And it is all your fault. 

Take charge of your thoughts because you will end up acting them out.

You can never get anything right done or felt.. When you’re doing the wrong things and feeling the wrong feelings.

Reminder: Your thoughts create how you feel, it is not the other way around.

When you find yourself feeling sad, check your thoughts and know why

A lot of times you’ll end up finding out how your assumptions ( something you made up) led you to disappointment…

Ways to actually stop assuming:

  • Be honest of how you feel when you speak up. Don’t say things that don’t represents your current feelings or thoughtds
  • Instead of presuming things ask for a clarity. You why’s could truly save you from the misery.
  • As we are living in the now, stop jumping to conclusions. Sometimes we got to let things play out and see how it ends/goes Instead of coming up with scenarios.
  • Keep your thoughts in check.
  • Always speak to the actual person instead of gossiping around or asking for feedback from everyone but that one person.

Your thoughts could really be a reason for your life to be improved. Health wise, emotionally and physically. Your thoughts could truly impact those things. In the end it is up to you because your life is 100% your responsibility. stop filling it with unnecessary burdens that aren’t yours to carry.




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