Hello 2018?

One of my favorite things to start any year is to get myself a planner/agenda.

I am bringing you today something really exciting, and I love the idea that it is locally made by a fellow girl. Will link you below from where I bought this beautiful planner but first let’s take a look ↓


First of all the name 11:11 is linked to “wishes” So to me this represents to bring my wishes to life. Not only by writing them down, but by acting upon my wishes.


I am in love with the details of this planner. What’s your motto for next year? 

I release the bad vibes, the negative energy. And for sure I will only attract goodness, joy and positivity. 

What are your BMS? Body/ Mind/ Soul goals?

I cannot wait to start filling the blanks. I love how it gave me a chance to be artisty. Adding a circle so I could color it with different colors to represent the percentages of goals achieved.

Each year we should be having a sort of bucket list of things that we wish or hope to achieve during the year. I love the empty space it gives you a space to be creative… Have you thought of the things that you’re wishing to achieve in 2018? I know I have…

Also I love the schedule with tasks to do and due dates.. deadlines? fill them in

One of my most favorite part of this planner are the quotes below each page..

Just to get you excited there are quotes by many inspiring and amazing people

just to name a few…

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Lao Tzu
  • Ahmad Al Shugairi
  • Steve Jobs
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
  • Dalai Lama
  • Maya Angelou

And many more…

So this is the actual part of the planner where you get to write down your daily schedules. There is also a part for you to write down a reminder who to call or email.. Another part for your errands of the day.. 

In the beginning of the planner it also has a part where you could write down your favorite quotes or inspiring words to motivate you. There is also a plan strategy example and also, a list of books recommended for you to read.


Hands down this is by far my favortie 2018 planner I’ve seen.

It’s not just a planner it is a sort of life coach kind of planner.

So to have a better life you need to

  • Plan it
  • Write it down
  • Focus
  • Develop
  • Attain


Here is where I got it from Click Here

Here is their Instagram account Click Here



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