Don’t Let Them Cloud You!

When things happen to us we usually, most likely tend to go to others for help. We might seek another’s person opinion about anything in life. It could be something so silly like what to wear for a night out or something so major like choosing a career.

Some of us became so accustomed into asking others things in life that they have gotten used to it. Those people are so scared in making their own decisions, which lead them to feeling somewhat free in dealing with the consequences. Because what usually happens is that when things go wrong they simply blame by pointing their fingers to whoever helped them make that decision.

Yes, it is ok for us to seek other’s thoughts and opinions because sometime’s we don’t know everything about certain things. And we are only seeing things from one point of view. One angle… Seeking someone else’s opinion might open your eyes to new ideas. But how can you differentiate from knowing that you already can and able to decide from being completely influenced by others?


First of all, you need to be aware of your life. Take complete control of everything that is happening to you. Whether they’re right or wrong. Whether they make you happy or upset you. Take full control of everything that is happening as if you chose them yourself. If you kept on taking everybody’s decision on things in your life then basically your life is made up from other people’s choices.

Somehow you’ll be like the boomerang whenever they get to throw you off you find yourself going back to them because in a way your self-esteem is gone; you rely on them on everything… Even for how you feel…

Focusing on your self-esteem and your self-worth is really really important.

When having a solid self-esteem and high self worth you will still be balanced despite others opinions on you, or your life choices. Even after asking them about something and they told you the complete opposite of what you had in mind their answer will  not change yours so quickly.; you will actually take the time to process it and see if it does help you or not. Not everything said by others is completely accurate, and not everything fits your life. Some of my friends choices can never be  mine because they simply have different life’s, lifestyle, mentality.. So stick what makes you feel good and what is right for you.


When deciding something, exclude everything and everyone around you, then see how this decision is making you feel like…. Just like when you’d love to credit yourself for something good that has happened in your life. Be strong and brave enough to admit it when you’re wrong. Once you are fully aware that we are all bound to make mistakes you wont might failing or making wrong decisions.

Get to know yourself.

What are your likes? your dislikes? you know sometimes it is hard for us to reply to this simple question.. We find ourself repeating what others say…

What do you truly like? To do? to eat? to wear? what are your thoughts your genuine thoughts not what others told you to think….?

The time  you are aware of who you are you’d know exactly what’s good or bad for you.

So asking others will only give you more insight to what you already know. And your decision will be made according to your preference. And even if things go wrong you will actually learn!

Because let’s face it pointing fingers at others to blame will never do you any good. We need to move forward.

Having everyone to blame but yourself will get you stuck in the same spot… How will you grow??How will you know which directing to choose from. Take responsibility everything that you do, say, think of.

Remind yourself that this is your life. And your choices will impact what kind of life you’re living. So it is really important to to set boundaries and know what are your limits and push through for a abetter life always. Because what’s important for  you to realize is that we are always “becoming”. 

May the choices of your life reflect your dreams not your fears.

Yesterday I watched a video and in that video I heard a sentence that completely shifted my mindset into a better one. A lot of us are scared to fail but know this:

There are three things that could happen when you take a leap, you either:

Jump and fly

Fall on something soft


you’re gonna fall hard and hit rock bottom 

but know that when you fall down you can always get back up. 

Why are you scared to choose a life that is completely yours to live?

You have all the right to feel free and choose whatever path that makes you happy.

And you know what? it’s ok to be wrong you can always go back to what you know and start over again.

Stop letting other’s cloud your choices of life and your decisions just because they claim knowing best. Use the time and get to know yourself because the sooner you do the faster you’ll be more confident in everything that you do; Even if it turns out wrong.








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