Why So Quiet?

Abstruse comes from a Latin word meaning “concealed, hidden, secret.” In English it means “difficult to understand.”


How to deal with abstruse people?

I would usually end up saying that you should just leave them alone.

But let’s break it down…

Some people who are difficult to understand might not want people to understand them in the first place. Others might only fall under Introvert. You need to understand your relationship with this person first to know whether they are being concealed about things, or they’re just not used to speaking up.

I’ll share with you my experience…

I am a pretty social person yet some people accuse me for being mysterious, simply because I don’t share with them everything… But it doesn’t mean that I have anything to hide. I just choose not to say anything to certain people. You can find me talk about everything except myself and there I am being accused of being so secretive.

If someone who is close to you but still so secretive, maybe you should open up to how you feel about that. Let them know that you are trusted and that it is ok for them to speak to you about anything Don’t just ask them to trust you; be trustworthy. 

Sometime’s not everyone is capable of being extra social and specially if you’re one you’d expect people to be, and somehow you might find it a bit offensive that someone isn’t talking as much as you are.

What you need to do is to analyze your relationship with this person. Realize the fact that nobody owe’s anyone anything. If you’re sure that they’re not just closed off naturally. Know that it’s a their choice to keep things hidden. Other than that just be front with your feelings and let this person know how you feel.





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