Accept it OR?

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. ~ Reinhold Niebuhr .


Yes, we have been told that we can change just about anything we want. Some things we cannot stand, other things that aren’t making us happy… But let me tell you about this first so you can realize what it is all about.

Not everything in life is bound to change.. So there are things in our lives we need to truly accept. If you keep complaining about something that you can’t change…. you haven’t really accepted it……So we need to know how to have the serenity and the calmness to deal with the things we cannot change. And the courage to change the things we cannot accept.

Before I even talk about how we can change the things that we can’t accept, we need to realize that we really need to work hard to change our way of thinking. Stop putting your brain in a box and keep your eyes on one point of view… Because one slight change in that could change your perspective in how you think about the things you can’t accept or wanting to change them.

Let’s start with your job….

You hate your job? Quit it. 

Don’t tell me it’s not possible. I have done it 3 times.. and where did it leave me? I am more peaceful now, content and confident. I would never allow myself to wake up in the morning filled with anger and stress to go to a place where I cannot stand. It sucks all the good energy out of you.. You will be left with nothing but regret, sorrow and agony.  I have realized that my peace of mind is worth way more than the paycheck.

If you do your homework searching for a better place you will definitely find something much better than your current job that you complain about almost every single day.

You can’t accept some people’s behavior around you? Easy… Get some strength and realization that you deserve to be in a positive circle and change your surroundings. Not everyone will accept the fact that you’ve realized that their energy is bad for you… So when you realize that you get up and walk away… After all, you are not a tree.

By the end of last year and this year I started cutting people off my life. I literally just stop the communication. You don’t need a valid reason to cut people off. We usually get so scared and filled with this fear and guilt that is eating us when we want to get away from people who are only causing us mental and emotional pain. Why?

You can’t stand your partner’s attitude?  You sit and talk about what bothers. Quit complaining about it to other people. If you really care about someone and love them enough not to walk away knowing that there are things you cannot change; you would share it with them. But if you became aware that those things aren’t changeable… Then you learn to accept them if you’re willing to be with this specific person. Realize that nobody’s perfect and always focus on the good things about that one person instead of going back and forth about the things that you can’t accept or change.


3 things will happen to you when you truly accept the things that you cannot change in your life.

  • You will feel more free(internally)

Instead of holding on the things that you can’t control and always having them in focus… You’ll feel somehow relieved.

  • You will be able to let go quickly. 

So once you realize there is something you can’t really change you’ll learn to walk away sooner.

  • A change in your personality

You’ll be more accepting of others and situations. You’ll be more understanding as well.


In the end,,,,, it is all about your mindset.

I promise you once you truly shift your mindset into a different way of thinking.. Your reality will change. I am a firm believer that what you think you become… 

so changing your way of thinking will have a huge impact in your life, your attitude, your choices…..

Don’t just live a life full of things that you can’t accept or change. learn to have acceptance and embrace the things that you cannot change…. You’ll find your happier version.


What are the things that you can’t change in your life?








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