5 Things That Are A Waste Of Time

Do you realize that we all have exactly 24 hours a day. Even the most successful people got the same hours. But why are they reaching their goals in the way they do? And how are they having the time for it?

Use your time wisely. There are things that we do in our daily lives that are truly draining our energy out, and for sure our time is wasted.

Here are few of the the things that I believe are a complete waste of time and you should truly consider and re consider thinking about doing something about it.

If not today then when?

1- Complaining.

What do you think will happen if you kept on whining about what ever that is happening in  your life? Nothing but you’ll end up being really annoying to the people around you and they probably won’t tell you because they care about your feelings. Take control of your life. Either change what you don’t like, or change the way you think about it. You get nothing by complaining.

2-Watching TV.

Spending a lot of time watching TV could really damage you. A lot that is being put on the news or advertising has been fabricated. Thus, it is playing with your mind. Always seek the truth else where. The media corrupted a lot of people’s minds.

If you watch too much TV you end up having many pointless discussions.

A lot of people right now discuss shallow topics brought from TV commercials and shows. Which led us to have a generation full of people care about how they look like more that what they feel or how they think…

3- Hanging out with negative people.

Ever wondered why you always feel drained out of your energy? Check who are you hanging around with. We’re like magnets, and whatever vibe we get to be around with a lot it kind of cling to us. So you truly should consider who are the people you’re spending your time with because the wrong people are wasting your time and energy.

4- Gossiping

I never found talking about other people a fun time. Spending your ‘precious’ time to gossip about people that might not even know about your existence is such a waste.. You will only feel good in a short time but that’s it.. You get nothing from gossiping… But you do drain your energy out.. You will look bad and people won’t trust you. Because those who talk about others have nothing really else going for them..

“What you say about other people say’s way more about you than the people you talk about”

5- Being in a toxic relationship.

Have you heard the words “You’ve got to stop watering dead plants” ? As much as you might want to try hard to make it work; realize that a relationship is a two way street. Meaning.. You can’t feel for both. And you can’t control how the other person is feeling. If the person that you’re with doesn’t have same goals as you, you’re definitely wasting your time. If the person that you’re with isn’t pushing you to be a better person… And actually making you feel more miserable and lonely.. You are definitely wasting your time. IF the person that you’re with isn’t matching your effort.. of course it’s a waste of time. You need to be with someone who has the same definition of love as you. 





2 thoughts on “5 Things That Are A Waste Of Time

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    1. Hello, thank you for mentioning this; will definitely check it out right now and I will see how can I include my writings to it. I don’t want to be repetitive or write the same thing in both platforms. But will surely check it out. Again, thank you for taking the time to read and comment to my blog posts. It means a lot to me.

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