*This post is dedicated to a friend of mine.

May you learn to let go and forgive those who never even deserved a word of forgiveness.

I don’t think a lot know about the fact that it serves us more than the other person we end up forgiving.. And I think that a lot believe forgiving is a sign of weakness.

Basically, not forgiving and holding grudges means that you are living in the past.  You will be reliving the situation over and over again when mentioning the name of the person who harmed you in any kind of way It will also send you in a raging phase within yourself because one situation happened long time ago but it keeps playing in your head constantly.

What is forgiveness?

To forgive is to release the negative feeling or resentment or the need to revenge toward a person who did you wrong/harmed you. It is to let go of the hatred and anger within you.

Is forgiveness a strength or a weakness?

Of course a lot consider forgiving someone else for what they have done to them is a sign of weakness and to that I am telling you that it is not. Why?

*Because it takes energy to control the feelings that you have by turning anger into peace.

*Because forgiveness is the awareness that other people make mistakes.

*Because it is a sign of self respect. To move on with your life…..

*Because we never really heal until we forgive.

*Because it takes strength to control oneself.

Even if what they did is truly unforgivable and they might not even deserve it. But we truly shouldn’t let our hearts suffer.. Whether it’s the resentment that our hearts hold or the anger and the thinking of vengeance.

This resentment feeling will only hurt you because eventually it will effect your immune system.

“Feelings of rage and hatred build up in the mind, body and soul, affecting the body’s organs and natural processes and breeding even more negative emotions. Expressing anger in reasonable ways can be healthy, but explosive people who hurl objects and yell at others frequently may be at greater risk for heart disease.” 

By not forgiving someone you give them the opportunity to feel significant in your life/mind even if they’re not… Because by not forgiving them you are holding a spot for them in your mind/heart always.

Sometimes someone gets to hurt us and they never even ask for forgiveness. And as we lose contact we keep reliving the past over and over again. We might even develop negative issues and many more unwanted emotions.. I promise you when you take the time to realize how this is only harming you….You will not waste another second holding on resentment, anger or hate. You should forgive not because someone deserves forgiveness but because we deserve peace.

To forgive doesn’t mean to forget or trusting someone back immediately. It is ok not to forget at all; we need to know who we are surrounding ourselves with. And to cut people off because they are causing us pain is totally normal.

Why should we forgive?

We should forgive because we shouldn’t let the actions of others control us in ways that with time we won’t be able to handle or let go.

By forgiving, you are accepting the reality of what happened and finding a way to live in a state of resolution with it. This can be a gradual process—and it doesn’t necessarily have to include the person you are forgiving. Forgiveness isn’t something you do for the person who wronged you; it’s something you do for you.

In a way,, without forgiveness we remain linked to the person who harmed us. To heal ourselves and to free ourselves from the past is to forgive. 

How to forgive?

First avoid telling everyone what have happened because they will surely help you plot your revenge.

Take time to sit with yourself and see how can you look at the situation from a different perspective.

Stop blaming others and victimizing yourself. Take charge of your life. No matter what have happened in your life… I promise you, you can rise up again… By forgiving you give yourself an opportunity to have a better life and by letting go of the past you allow yourself to feel free.

*So I ran a poll on Instagram asking people one honest question.

Around 93 person voted Yes and 24 said No to the question ( Do you consider yourself a forgiving person?

I was happy to actually see around 79% of people are forgiving… But those 21%.. May you find your answer in this post. May you find the way to realize that you  don’t deserve to suffer…. Because in the end.. You forgive for yourself not for anyone else. 



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  1. Masha Allah, Excellent work of writing. I enjoyed reading it. Not too long and not too short. Just enough and full of lessons. I loved the slogans as well. This piece is bookmarked🌷

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