Of Course I Changed!

The reason I am making this post is to make a lot of people realize that growth is a part of maturing and the process into being the person that you are meant to be.

Maybe when we are growing we’re taking off every layer that doesn’t belong to us. Layers that were sticked to us by our society, family… etc since we were kids.

So we undo all that what we’re not to become who we truly are.


I believe that we are allowed to change when we think it’s the right time for us. Not when it’s suitable for others. I also believe that we grow from experiences, people that are in and out of out lives, books we read; not by years. Age doesn’t not define maturity. Yes we are supposed to mature as we grow….. But not everyone wants to grow up… It’s kind of sad in way because they get stuck at a certain year, attitude, thinking…. reactions, and more… And they are probably going in circles not willing to do anything to break that..

A lot of people have really bad lives away from the social media. Relationship issues.. Family issues, insecurities, bad life choices in general. But; You see their feed and define it with ‘The perfect life’ Everything is set and filtered. In a world where almost everyone is trying to be out there,,Just being public and noticed. It has created a generation of people throwing themselves under the train for a good “boomerang”.

They totally forgot what it’s like to actually, seriously, truly have a good life. Everything has to be filtered and perfectly set within a frame.

Keep yourself away from being “online” And focus on your life .. “offline”

It will feel a lot better when you get yourself together,… Away from the social media platforms.. Work on your life, on your vibe and for the peace within…..

As you grow older the process and the routine of your life changes as well. I found it that it ok to cut some people off because they no longer match your goals, life choices and thinking,, Also I found that some people feel threatened when someone close to them starts to change AKA Grow

When you learn you can’t help but grow….

I am not the person I was last year, And I know I won’t be the same tomorrow.

I know I am becoming more ‘me’ everyday. And the good thing is that I don’t have to prove anything to anybody that I am good enough, or getting better. And this itself gave me such peace. Because I’ve grown into realizing that I need no validation from others on how to live my life. 

As long as I am not hurting anyone, as long as I am not violating anything. Then this is my life to live.

Changing your mindset means you change your life.

Attitude towards things, routine that you probably hate,.. people that make you feel bad. Stop living  a life that you feel as if you were forced to do anything and everything…..

Surely, change is not easy and most definitely it is not fast. It it takes time and hard work. Dedicate your time into having a good life.. Not working to hopefully have a good one later.

Because there is no destination to happiness. Life is happening right now.. Not 5 years later.


May you live a life that feels like you.

May you have a life that you approve.

Surround yourself with people who genuinely love you and want the best for you. Let go of those who make you suffer, cause you pressure and constant emotional and mental pain.








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