Dar Dalal ( Salon Review )

Since I started having an office job it actually added so much tension and ache in my back/shoulders. Every-time I would want to go get a massage something happens.

Anyways today I decided to have my massage in Dar Dalal. Had a a relaxation massage. And let me tell you…. I truly needed that.

I rarely like ‘massages’ offered by salons. If I’m spending money it might as well be an actual spa.

Ask for Flora. When I told her that I got shoulder tension she really focused on that.

And the whole time it went smooth and easy. Because some places you truly feel uncomfortable the whole session but I didn’t face anything discomforting.

I loved the Morocan vibe in the room.

So because someone was already in the massage room and I hate waiting; so I decided to do manicure.

I liked the manicure here. It’s really good to have a salon that does good in most of their services.

My manicure was done by Annie. I recommend it ✔️

The scent of the scrub was nice. ( pomegranate flavor )

I applied the O.P.I funny bunny 

She did a great job.  


As I was doing my manicure I complained about my hair being dull, dry and dead

They suggested I try the Hair plasma.

I’m not usually the one to try hair treatments because I usually go for hair masks such as Aloe vera or coconut oil.

I did dye my hair 3 times in my life. And I think my hair changed into worse. It’s always dry with horrible deadends. I bought a Night moisturizer, I also use Hair serum after shower. But nothing seems to work.
When she mentioned the hair plasma; She said you’ll see the difference in your hair from the first treatment so I thought why not? Love the confidence ✔️

Let’s do this;

The lady who did my hair named Noor. I did truly like the results. Actually I am amazed.

This won’t be my last time I’ll visit soon to make this treatment again.

I did notice a shine… My hair shined like never before… I honestly feel better after doing this.


Dar Dalal’s Instagram: Click Here


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM

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