A Letter To My Younger Self

We all have that sense of regret when thinking about our younger selves. ‘I wish I had the knowledge I have now back then to deal with things differently.’

Here I am writing a letter to my younger self this maybe somehow will be helpful to any youngster who is reading this blog post believe back then I was isolated and if you knew me you’d say she was the quiet one. I never bothered to explain my thoughts or ideas. Never had the chance to express my feelings verbally. Always had the fear to be misunderstood.


Maybe if I gave myself some room to breathe and realized that we are all humans.. And we all suffer differently I wouldn’t be so hard on myself.

Whether it’s school, family, friends… I promise you life does not get easier.. You need to strengthen yourself. With time you’re supposed to be stronger. Do not let things weaken you.

Take care of yourself because you’re all you’ve got. Everybody leaves eventually. So do not depend on anyone emotionally….

Stop worrying how others think of you… I promise, most of them they don’t even think about themselves…

Focus on what you have instead of looking at what you don’t have. This will teach you to appreciate the small things in life. And trust me “small things, aren’t really small… They make the most of your life.

If you want something bad enough then work hard enough…. to get it. And do not let anyone tell you that you can’t get it.

Failing doesn’t mean the end… Being a failure is a part of succeeding.. It means that you’re trying. So if you fail at it once, try again and again until can’t fail at it anymore.

Never ever let anyone make you feel less than what you really are.

Always seek new information. If there’s a conversation that is happening in front of you and you lack the knowledge.. As soon as it’s done, go google it, read about it… Next time you’ll lead the conversation.. Or maybe start it with that topic.


Help others. Whatever chance you get be at service when possible.

It is ok to say No. Please know that you are not obliged to agree to anything or everything that is said to you. Say no when you want to say no. Don’t be bothered by how others feel towards that attitude. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. 


Don’t take life too seriously. Laugh, have fun and enjoy every moment as long as you’re not hurting anyone.


Educate yourself… In school and off it.

Take care of your health. and exercise more.

After all, life doesn’t go as planned. It’s ok learn to let go. and I promise you this…. Sometimes the things that happen to you are way better than what you have planned for yourself. So live in the moment and know that you cannot control everything in life, but you can control your reactions to the things that happens to you.


Not everything deserves a reaction…. Some times you got to look away and move on.


Life is happening right now... If you’re reading this please know that waiting for the right moment is a waste of time…. Do not delay things just because it’s not  ideal… If you

Teach yourself how to be alone and you will never feel lonely.

Get rid of people that do you no good.

cut them off... No excuses or reasons to.. Just stop answering their phone calls. Stop hanging out with them.You don’t owe anyone anything. Say that to yourself.repeat it if possible.


I think what I am trying to say here is that we always complicate things and life is much simpler if we take it one step at a time…


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM


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