Basic Mindsets (Explained!)

Let’s begin by saying I am a true believe that we can learn anything if we set our minds to it. I wasn’t born knowing how to hold the camera or shoot good photos from the first time.. It took me a lot of youtube videos and reading to where I am right now… And I am still in the learning process.

 Nobody was born a leader or an artist or, or, ….

it took time, skills and loads of energy in the making of it. 

There are two types of Mindsets

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Fixed Mindset

  1. Tend to have the attitude of ( I’m either good at it or not))
  2. If I cannot fix it then I give up
  3. My abilities are fixed. So if I don’t know how to do it then I won’t even try…
  4. If I failed then that’s it! ( Failure is the limit to my abilities )
  5. I stick to what I know…
  6. Either I am talented or not.. and If I am then that’s it no more room for improvements.
  7. They are threatened by the success of others.

Growth Mindset

  1. Failure is only a proof that I am trying
  2. My effort determines my abilities
  3. There is always another way to learn
  4. I am good at it but I can be better
  5. If I cannot fix it maybe I’m doing it wrong(Let’s try another way)
  6. Trying new things is exciting
  7. I can learn to do anything I want

Having said that…. Knowing what kind of mindset you have could really shift your life into a different path… If you found yourself admitting to having a fix mindset.. know that there is always room for improvement and development.. training yourself to look the other way will take time but be persistent.

**If you have kids:

Don’t praise them by saying.. You’re talented, you are smart,…. Give them the feel of knowing that they’ve put effort and the more effort in the more results out. 

But if they thought they were talented and smart enough… The first obstacle they ever face… Will make them realize they aren’t talented enough pr smart enough… That’s how thy’ll grow into having a fixed mindset..

If you keep telling a kid that they are too smart.. too talented they will only stop there.. knowing that it is ‘given’ and they wouldn’t have to work hard for anything else leading the to a fixed mindset… (I’m born with it) either I have it or I don’t.


For all those people out there feeling that they are not talented or their ability to improve isn’t for them… You are wrong..

You can learn anything by setting your mind to it. Nothing is easy you need to work hard knowing that everything is possible. If you are not willing to learn no one can help you. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask and seek answers to whatever that could help you grow. It is ok to fail… once, twice or millions of times.. as long as you are trying.. you’ll get there.

The possibilities are endless.

If you could confess, which mindset you think you have?


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