5 Tips To Have A Happier Life.

I believe that every and each one of us is working so hard towards a main goal; which revolves around being happy… or living a happy life. 

***And don’t get me wrong as you’re going to read I don’t think I even mentioned things about the sadness parts of your life.. Because I tell you the truth; Without those dark moments of your life how are you going to appreciate the light?

Some of us forgot that being happy is a way of life but instead they look at it as a destination to reach. or a goal to achieve.

Some may think that “if I bought certain things” then I will be happy.

Others believe that if they had more money, lost the weight… etc then they will be happy…

Some even planned a whole life claiming if it went the way they have written it down… then They’ll end up happy. 

I might only be 26 but with this generation I find myself maybe mentally older? or I matured faster… Because I find a lot of youngsters interested into shaping their look a certain way to look like certain people… I find youngsters wanting to be either rich or famous.. Preferably both… I also heard some say ” I want to be famous to be rich” Does the end justify the means? when it comes to unethical behavior? I remember long time ago that we used to dream about being teachers, doctors… One time I wanted to be a translator. And then a banker.. a writer… or a poet.. I also ended up with wanting to be an entrepreneur … that was way before highschool and through it…. Most people right now are doing whatever it takes to make it to the explore pages.. Anything to get cash in return. Slaves to the money and fame… Forgot their principles and values.. Forgotten that happiness is and was never about money or fame.. I find this society of ours drawn to what shines and blings.. To what looks perfect… It saddens me.. that I see how some people won’t move an inch without validation from others.. And other people would do anything to get noticed. They fear being alone or ending up alone so they stick themselves to relationships that’s harming them, they stay in a job that is causing them stress… depression.. They’re doing things against their well… Just so they feel that they belong.. They feel that they’re going with the flow.. That they are from and with the crowd.

I tell you here right now, you are in control of your own life. You are responsible for your own happiness.. I promise you if you attach your happiness to people of things you’ll always end up disappointed. 

I am sharing with you 5 ways I have experienced that led me to the person I am today.

A Person who is content. Satisfied with the outcomes of my daily routines.

I am grateful for what I am right now.. today. And I do believe that I am a happy person. This wasn’t made by night nor came easy… This feeling evolved with time and had me go through a lot of realizations…. But I am here finally.

1- Go Healthy

If you don’t look after your health who is going to? I have watched one video long time ago and it clicked.. Yes I do dine out and all. But I stopped the soda drinks; and the junk food. This body of mine has been so weak the past years and it is time for me to strengthen it because no one else will carry me as I grow older. This decision made me feel a lot better about my health and self knowing that going healthy will never be a waste of energy or time…

Check this video and you’ll know what I mean. 

2-Practice Gratitude

When you are thankful for everything that you have, you’ll only receive more.

Sometimes we overlook the blessings that we have.. It is not necessary living a luxurious life. The ability to walk on your feet, to breathe normally, having 10 normal fingers, having a roof on top of your head… Reading this blog post makes me realize that you have internet… So that is something you should be thankful for. To be able to be connected with others….

Some connect happiness to ‘owning’ things..

If you attach your happiness and the need to be grateful only when having those ‘things’… You will never be grateful; because there will always be more. Newer bag, latest gadget, faster internet router… and so on

the way I trained myself is knowing/believing in the fact that what’s coming is better than what’s gone.. and knowing that I lost something; makes me believe that I am getting something a lot better. & what is meant for me will never leave me/pass me.

Take time to be thankful for what you have right now instead of complaining about what you don’t have.. Sometimes not receiving what you’re wishing for could be a true blessing that only time will prove it to you…

3-Be Yourself

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

To be yourself is easy… When you own who you are and you come to a point where you’re fine with your flaws and all.. You won’t sweat it trying to be somebody that you might think will be more accepted or more loved…

If you work so hard to be someone other than you, to impress certain people….. know that those people aren’t worth it in the first place.. The right people will love the clumsy, crazy, outrageous, shy, hardworking or the lazy person you are.  I promise you; The sooner you truly be yourself you will notice a loss of people in your life.. They will disappear because you stopped being how they want you to be. And it is ok because you only want those genuine ones to stick by your side.

Other than that, when you truly come to the realization of you who truly are; you will cut connections with a lot of people because they simply won’t match your values, ethics and life goals.


4-Give More

It is not all about buying gifts… Sometimes the greatest and most precious thing you can actually give is your time. Know who is in need of that and spend your time talking to them. I think what makes me happier is to be able to help someone other than myself. To be selfless, is the greatest achievement.

I remember back in college there was this class that taught us about the “Act of Kindness” and how you should pay it forward. It was such an amazing feeling. It actually taught me that whatever that I do I shouldn’t wait for something back. I mean when I do something for someone I don’t expect them to pay be back. I do it because it should be done. Because it is who I am.

You don’t have to be a hero and save the world. You can do one small act of kindness that could change a person’s life.. And that’s pretty much like it.

Interested? Watch the video below.


5- Be in the NOW

The more you are right here right now, the less you’re concerned about what’s next. Yes we are all comfortable with certainty but you see; when you find yourself stressed out and worried about tomorrow you will forget to live and be happy today. This does take a long time to achieve but with hard work and mental train you’ll definitely get there.

There is nothing more achieving that to be in the present moment. Accept the facts and know that wherever you are is where you’re meant to be.. and whatever you are facing right now you have the strength to handle it.

I bet a lot of us are preparing themselves to live but not actually taking the action to live.

Mental and emotional illnesses primarly are caused by not living in the present moment, Either you find yourself stuck in the past or anxious about the future. If you don’t accept your present moment the way it is and live it throughly the ups and downs.. You’ll never truly ‘live’

  • Living in the present moment could help you:
  • Reduce the stress of hoping for a better tomorrow
  • You’ll develop inner peace
  • You’ll be more accepting to situations
  • You’ll be more forgiving


I only write what I have experienced. I only post about things that matter to me the most. To read and explore are things I found myself fond of.. I am improving myself everyday… because I believe in the ‘being’ I am always being… I can never stop learning and there is nothing called “I know it all” Until my last breath I’ll keep improving myself.


May you find your answers. May this post leads you to actions taken for a happier life and a life that you are truly satisfied with.. Both the good and bad parts


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM



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