5 Photography Tips for Beginners

“We all got to learn. Nobody is born knowin’. “

Over the past years I have learnt and read and tried a lot of photography tricks.. It actually made me develop my own style which I am glad for being known for it. I beliebe that those 5 tips are the most important ones to know when starting photography.

And again, we are always learning, you can never say you know everything about anything. And knowing the rules allows you to break them right? Well, I think so.

There are many theories of composing a good photo that is easy for the eye to look at.

1-The rule of third.

Check these lines below, when framing the photo imagine this grid in your screen ( You can actually make it appear in your camera setting) And place your object in one of those circles. You can check the examples given below to understand more about this rule. This will evolve mentally as you grow your skills. When placing the object on any of those sections the final result will be more pleasing to the eye and gives the full photo some depth of field instead of having the object centered.MOC Zuckerman on Composition Rule of Thirds 1-1.jpg




2-Quit concerning about your camera( You can have great shots using your smartphone

Yes, your gear does matter, but not to that extent. Even if you had the most expensive camera but you lack the vision… then what’s the use of that camera?

being visionary means observing things others may overlook. So it is ok to shoot in different angles or risking it for a shot that people may walk away from. Whether using your phone or camera desice what is it that you want to shoot. ( Clean your camera lens when using your phone) Focus and snap. Make sure you have good light by the way. It is all about the lighting…Believe me..

These shots below are all taken using iPhone 6s;






Photography is based on light I mean the word photography itself means drawing or writing with light. So if you want good photos use the light.

Some people prefer sunlight(like me) Others use artificial lights AKA Studio photography or external flash.

Decide which one is better for you and make the use out of it. I usually make sure to take my shots during the day, Either before 12 pm or around 4:30 to 6pm. That’s when the sunlight is most soft; giving you the best results. Because around the noon time if you’re outdoor, you’ll most likely get harsh “orangy” results..


4- Go Closer

I see a lot of good photos on my Instagram feed and I can’t help but think (If only it was close enough…) There are a lot of unnecessary things some people keep in their frames that adds distraction to the photo.

When it comes to me.. I always ask myself before shooting a photo (What is it exactly I want people to see? Then I eliminate anything that doesn’t get a long with my answer.






5- White balance.

Even if light seem colorless or gives you the sense that it is white. it has colors. In different names you may see it as “warmth” That is the color tone of the photo.

When you take a photo early in the morning it will look soft and warm.

In the afternoon you will get harsh orange results will be harsh and orange.

Under the shade they will seem a bit blueish

Under a tungsten bulbs the photo will appear yellowish

To have a good white balanced photo, make sure to adjust your white-balance in the camera before snapping your photo to the desired tone.

Extra tip: Even if you took a photo that is somewhat yellow or bluish, you can adjust it using different Photo editors apps including Instagram Just go to “Warmth” in the edit section and fix it to whichever final you look you want.




I hope somehow I have helped you in ways. If you have any specific question feel free to leave it in the comments below.

You can also find me on Instagram: @Coffiishot 

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM

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