10 Things That You Shouldn’t Apologize For!

Being a human we are bound to make mistakes. We aren’t perfect and if we truly take the time to appreciate our flaws and accept us the way we are, we wouldn’t have to apologize this much….

Having to be a person that apologizes sincerely is respectful. But you know there are many things you shouldn’t be apologizing for…


Loving someone.

Feelings cannot be controlled, and you cannot force yourself to look away when your heart is falling for someone. Sometimes the harder we try not to have any sort of feelings towards somebody, the faster we are falling in love with them. This feelings is genuine; it isn’t something you should feel bad or sorry for.

Saying No

No is a complete sentence. Learn to say it without any justification.

If it bothers you, or if it’s something that you truly don’t want to do despite your ability to do it; Just say no and move on with your life. With time you’ll find yourself saying it without any guilt over your shoulders.

Following your dream

No matter how big or small your dream is. No matter how silly or serious your dream is; never apologize for doing all that it takes to pursue it. Even if it looks impossible to others… As long as you know you’re capable that is good enough.

Taking ‘me’ time

Just about everything in this life needs to be unplugged and rebooted again.. including you. Sometimes being around people drains your energy out. OR having a certain routine that involves work and loads of it..   Makes you feel tired mentally, physically and spiritually. Don’t apologize from taking a day off and blocking everything and everyone. Maybe you like a good spa day or a manicure. Or maybe just laying on bed quietly is what you need.. Do it. IT will only help you to get back stronger and healthier. So shutting people down because you feel the need to refuel yourself is not a thing to apologize for.

Your priorities 

We all have different priorities. And what is important to you may not be important to me. We all live differently, with different mindsets and different goals. Having said that, you should know that you are working for a life that serves you and those around you.(Or maybe just you) So setting priorities that would help you achieve that shouldn’t be a reason that makes others have the need to hear you apologizing for it. Whatever your priorities are, shouldn’t’ give you a reason to say that you’re sorry. It is like you’re apologizing for living a life that you chose and you know better than anyone else.

Your imperfections

First of all, let’s get it over with by saying that nobody is perfect. Even those who claim that they are, on social media or off.. Now, take a deep breath and realize that whatever your flaws are; they kind of… somehow shape you into the person that you are right now. Whether you feel the need to fix them or not is entirely up to you. It all goes back to getting to know yourself and loving You!.. By the end of that; if you are ok with whatever that you lack you can move on with your life not caring about what others may say about you. And you wouldn’t feel the need to apologize for it.

Ending a toxic relationship

Can we just take a moment here and to think for a bit…… Love shouldn’t hurt. If it makes you feel insecure, stressed, worried, doubtful.. That is not love.

To be honest, love should make you feel free not the other way around. The sooner that you realize that you feel chocked mentally and spiritually. That should be one enough reason for you to leave. And you’d be damned if you had to apologize for that. We have been taught to say (sorry and thank you) growing up; but never why and when.. So it took a toll on us . Sometimes I find myself apologizing to the door because I kind of hit it on my way out… true story.

Being in a toxic relationship will only cause you to feel less alive, will give you more reasons to go into a depression phase and stay there… You shouldn’t settle for anything, even if somehow you found yourself settled… You can always get up and leave.. After all you are not a tree.

Learning to be alone is the main solution to end a toxic relationship.. Some people won’t leave just because they’re afraid to be alone.. Or end up alone. That means that they don’t love themselves enough to know that they deserve better.

If it doesn’t make you happy, walk away from it. Being abused doesn’t necessary only mean physically. There is emotional abuse which is even worse…. Because it lasts longer.. And it is even harder to get over it.

No, you are not required to lose your friends, your dignity, morals or your dreams to keep a relationship going, This is not a healthy relationship to be in, in the first place.

Allow yourself to walk away from people who are causing you pain or hurting you. And don’t ever feel sorry about that.  

(I could write more about that if you’re interested let me know)

Standing your ground

What are you without your morals, principles and ethics? Don’t be so shaky, that anyone can change your mind and move you to where they want you to be. Stand your ground and to what you believe in, even if it means standing alone. And you shouldn’t be sorry to make others feel comfortable.

If you’ve got faith and you believe in what you are living for, you can stand your ground when the Devils at your door” – john Michael Montgomery

Delay in your response

Whether it was a text, an email or a call. You do that in your own time. Even if you never answered.. Or returned that call. It is entirely up to you. When someone messaged you, they did it in their free time. So you answer them in your desired time.. Whether you were free or not. You don’t have to reply as fast. Do everything in your own terms.

Stop feeling guilty. It truly drains you out.

Telling the truth

We should always be telling the truth right? why apologize for saying the truth then? you might as well just lie… The truth may hurt for a bit but the lie will not last longer and it will kill whatever connection you have with others. You will also lose your credibility when caught. From what I’ve seen, lies never last.. They may be hard to catch but eventually they are being caught… So tell the truth without being sorry. So you could have a good night sleep.



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