Next Chapter!

I needed a breather…. I am having coffee right; and took a photo of it(will be posting it after this blog post))

My phone is on silent so nothing will interrupt me while I am writing this right now.

 Every phase of my life I refer to it as a chapter.

I am on my toes for the next two chapters of my life.

I have been working in the private sector for quite sometime now. It is amazing and I love the whole rush and pressure but it is not stable for me. Not necessary from the other side.. It’s in me. I cannot be controlled. Don’t get me wrong but I am in a complete belief that I am my own boss and no one should or could boss me around… It’s just in my blood… It has nothing to do with ego. it is just the fact that I rather be the one who gets to say what to do rather than just do what I have been told to do…. get it?

A lot of you know I have resigned my last job back in December.. and since then I have been focusing on my freelance photography to pay my bills. it’s going ok I haven’t missed a due yet haha. But coming back to reality I need something stable.. Financially.

The thought of knowing that I am receiving a pay cheque every month to cover all my wants/needs is good enough for me. So even though all those around me couldn’t fathom the idea but I went ahead and applied for the government sector.

Yes, I could have more money working in the private sector( A lot more).. But my goal isn’t that. I want to have a life full of life.. I don’t want to drown myself in work all day everyday. I have been doing that for around 6 years.. I want to enjoy every bit of my days. Balance things out. I want to give each and every person in my life my time.. Including myself

What’s bad in the Gov. Sector is that they’ll throw you anywhere, not considering your degrees. Which is exactly what happened to me. I got accepted in some place.. and I am accepting the fact that this is happening to me.. I will talk more about it in a while just hold on…. So I got accepted and will probably start working after two weeks. I needed something steady and I got it. It may not be ideal but it’s suitable for me right now.

I will be having probably an 8am-1pm fixed routine job in an office..

Hopefully as soon as I get settled in will definitely do some part-time work in ≈marketing companies as a PR or any marketing position.

Being unemployed kind of drained me out in the beginning but when I realized it.. I couldn’t let it happen to me. So I created a routine that’s somewhat not boring.

It’s been around few months now since I actually started working out. Which may be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It added a lot of life to my daily routine.

I started reading a lot more now. Because I never made the time before.

Will start reading “The power of Now” By Eckhart Tolle today. I have been listening to the audio book but nothing beats a highlighter through a book ♥

We’re already in the middle of May. The year is running so fast.

I want to grow mentally, strengthen my emotions even more.

But overall. I am satisfied with where I am today. I am much stronger and aware than I was last year. I am more stable and grateful. I am in complete abundance in everything that is happening to me.,, to the point I am not refusing this change.. not even in my heart. Letting things come as they are. I am completely accepting the fact that my life is changing and will always keep on changing because the minute you stop changing means you stopped growing.

I am living right now. Not yesterday.. Or tomorrow. I am here today this moment… So my focus is all about the Now. Thinking about yesterday will not change whatever happened. Being in full anxiety and stress to control my tomorrows will not making them come as I want. It is in your daily life/routine; to create a better tomorrow » you start with Today. 



My second chapter of my life…….  I will tell you about it next year.♥ 



Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.26.44 PM



Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM

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