How to Organize Your Ideas For Writing

I received a message on Instagram from someone asking me to talk about this topic

“How to organize my ideas to write a book” ..


Brainstorming ideas will serve you best. There is no wrong or write in writing.

Try not to erase or delete any of your writings, you never know when a particular thought might come in hand. So whatever you write down; keep it. You can draft as many as you want until you’re satisfied with your final piece.


Don’t over plan it… Let it flow;

Schedule a writing time everyday. And in that time just sit and write.

  • Know how many chapters the book has
  • Write down the the names of the titles
  • Then write your main ideas for each chapter below the title of it
  • Then include your supporting thoughts or facts that support your main idea

Sticky notes are always fun. Sometimes while writing you have a mere idea of what’s your next paragraph is about but somehow you can’t seem to know how to start or how to get it written…

So just write your main idea in a sticky note in the same place you want it and move on to the next one..  This will help you avoid pausing and just feeling stuck..


Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.
–Mark Twain


“It all starts with one word.” Stay motivated and always remind yourself of the reason why you started writing. Nobody cares if you have an almost finished piece.. we want to read it. And it all ends with how you truly feel like it should be, after all you created it. So don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.







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