It Is Now

I believe we grow due to experiences and people we meet in life.

Sometimes we think that we’re weak until one situation that would prove us otherwise.

I have always seen myself as a worrier... I worry about tomorrow, next month; and even the next minute…

It has always kept me in such an anxiety bubble and I would be stressed all the time, which has impacted my health and skin..

I used to be one of those who make up scenarios and believing that it should go as planned.. So imagine how I felt when it didn’t..


Maybe it’s maturing or growing older, but with time I am finding myself focusing less on having things going exactly the way I want or expect.. and accepting what is actually happening.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not me settling for anything it is more about  living in the moment and not worrying about the next. As long I work hard in the present moment. I have learnt how to have the mentality of “whatever happens, happens.” Which saved me a lot of “What if’s”…

This has truly helped me feeling more content and grateful.

Life has always happened for me and not to me.. And I know that things may seem wrong but only to be right in the end. 

As realizing the fact that nothing lasts forever. Good things won’t last so I better enjoy every minute of it. And bad things won’t last so I better learn from it.

I’ve read something the other day;  → We are always wondering about the next moment; anxious to know what’s next… But never living the moment we are in right now. Which is a moment lost….

You can get anything you want back except for time.

Trust me when I say that it is a habit. We stress ourselves into thinking about tomorrow and not even appreciating the moment we have now.

I am writing this post right now because I honestly think that it has changed me. This mental shift has made me realize how much happier I am being; instead of waiting for the weekend.. or a certain occasion thinking that it would make me “happier” or “stable”.. or richer… etc

After all, I am here right now…. Not tomorrow or next year…

The reason we get stressed is because we resist what’s actually happening. The sooner you accept reality perfectly as it is the stress free  we will be.

The future is nothing but an illusion… . All the energy we put in hope is energy lost… Most of the time we end up disappointed because things didn’t go the way we want. Living now mentally, emotionally can actually save you a lot of disappointments because you will not have time expecting things certain ways…

maintain your energy, thoughts and emotions by living today …This moment because tomorrow is not promised.



All quotes by Eckhart Tolle The author of “The Power of Now”:






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