My Take On PPNS

Let’s begin by saying that I am a sucker for florals..

I am up for anything that has to do with flowers.

Ok now that’s been said let’s jump right into it

Few days ago I went to Pretty Petals Nail Spa which I happened to actually like, to the point that I am really considering on cheating on my current nail salon….

I’ll just type down the reasons in bullet points along with few photos I captured.


  • They had a huge variety of colors. Including some of my favorite brands (Essie, OPI, Orly)
  • The staff was friendly and helpful
  • The place had good energy; it was calm and comforting.
  • I loved the fact that their wallpapers were all flowery, with matching uniforms, coffee mugs…
  • I had both manicure ,pedicure. The work was clean and efficient
  • I respect businesses who offer portable mobile chargers…











*One thing I did not like and this is personal ( I disliked the scent of the treatment that I chose)  I chose the citrus treatment…. It was not my favorite.

Next time I’m definitely smelling those treatments before the application…

Other than that, I think this nail spa is really nice, quiet and a good place to get away from life’s noise to get pampered.

If you’re interested, check them out on Instagram

Yes,, I also am loving the hard work done on instagram. It really shows how they actually care of the overall image of the business. because not all nail spa’s put effort into their social media platforms.

Instagram Account: Click Here






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