How to start a blog?

First of all I want to say hi, how are you? It has been a while….

Now let’s jump right into this;

I posted a video yesterday on my instagram with a caption that spoke of how nobody’s an expert and we all start from level 1.. We grow with knowledge.. The more we learn and practice, the more we are skilled at something…

Talent is nothing if there is no hard work involved.

If I ever want to share an honest tip that will definitely change your perspective is that..

Caring about statistics and the number of followers you’ve got..  ain’t going to take you anywhere.

First, you should be truly passionate about whatever that you’re writing about. Have some credibility. Choose the things that means something to you.. 

Quality > Quantity

and the right people will be drown to you with time.

Decide what you want to write about

What’s your blog about? Is it personal or maybe you’re doing fashion? or lifestyle? etc..

You need to decide that, so you know who your audience is..

Choose a blogging platform.

I would choose #wordpress over and over again because I just love how user friendly it is.

But the options are endless…

Decide a name

Go for something short and easy to read and also something that represents.

( I chose “Acoffeeshot” Because I consider who ever reads a post is like they’re having a coffee shot with me.. )

Start writing

There is no better time than today. Enough stalling..

Extra tips


  • If you cannot invest in a good camera, you can always use your phone; but consider the best lighting for a good shoot.. > This is when you want to share some product reviews or photos of whatever topic you’re writing about.
  • Be patient. Do not stress out wanting to quit because you’re not having people reading your blog at the beginning… It takes time. Be persistent  
  • Always write about things that matters to you.
  • Don’t write because you have to.. Do it because you want to( when I force myself writing a blog post it won’t be as good as writing it because I feel like it..)
  • Share your posts on other social media platforms(It’s the best way to get more traffic and readers by sharing your posts on Twitter, Instagram…etc
  • Get connected- Talk to people you can learn a lot I promise.
  • Always have a note with you. You never know when you’re going to have a good blog post idea.. And writing bullet points as you go will help you write


  • Whatever field you choose to write about.. Read more about it. It’s not fun being #clueless.. You read to learn to have perspectives in things.
  • Don’t write randomly… Be specific. ( One thing I’ve learnt is the more you know about a certain topic, the shorter and on point your post will be..)


Those photos were shot with an iPhone 6.. On purpose. To show you that it is totally ok to start with what you have. Not necessarily owning the latest gadgets or technology to have a better post…


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.48.23 PM.png

♥ Feel free to ask any specific question in the comments below.






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