I Woke Up!

First of all this post is dedicated to someone special.

I never do things I am forced to do; Maybe it’s the way I am (I cannot handle being told what to do..)

In ways I felt that I needed to do this for me so,  because of you pushing me in the way you did; You opened up my eyes and made me act right away. Thank You and Thank You.

I am not the best example for a healthy lifestyle.. I may be the worst to be honest.

I spend all my money on food, coffee and fuel.

I may look in shape but I have no flexibility whatsoever. I mean for being 26 years old I can barely run the stairs. I cannot walk for long to be honest; I feel so tired and I almost blackout.

I ran a blood test earlier and the doctor was astonished by the results…(In a bad way)

First of all my cholesterol level is way too high.. for my age…

And I was very close to having an anemia. As well as the level of my Vitamin D was dropped in a scary way. I had 3 shots of Vitamin D for 3 months -1 each month

At that time I knew that I had to change things up.. But it still didn’t matter as much.

I  immediately stopped the soda drinks. I kinda sorta stopped the junk food.

But I didn’t take any step towards my physical health.


I always tell my friends “If I’m ever walking it’s definitely to walk for pizza or pasta; to grab something to eat basically. Like I am not walking/running.. For the sake of walking… or running



As I am writing this post it is my 4th day today for my working out routine. 

Yesterday I started to actually do some lunges, squats, wall sits etc..

Because the first two days I did some hardcore walking

first day around two hours and second day an hour.

It may not look much but to me it was,, I felt as if my body was so weak it couldn’t keep me standing.

But I pushed it. and it felt good because I had this feeling that I’m blacking out any second now…But I didn’t!

I wanted to start slow to wake my body up. It’s like my bones haven’t been moved in ages.

I am ashamed to confess all those things to be honest but the truth has to be told.

 I am doing this for me..

I remember telling people that I am strong mentally but physically I am really weak... Because I believed that..

But no more.. One of my goals is to go up the stairs without trying too hard to catch my breath.

I am not looking to lose weight to be honest, the idea is to have some flexibility and to stay fit.

Not for a matter of time. But it should be a way of life.

It is never too late to start new. It is never too late to wake up and deciding to change.

Enough delays this is your life we are talking about. If not today, then when?


The process might be slow but at least you’re moving.

Don’t worry what others might say. You know yourself and your abilities way more than anyone else. So do this for you!

Thank You for the being the support you are. And for letting me know that I do have the strength that I wasn’t aware of, and for keeping me checked.

I think the idea was to open up my eyes rather than having it being forced on me.

I may not be there, but I’m on my way.

♥ Stay strong ♥

As usual, some nice words to inspire and motivate you:




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