Not Negative But Real!

I was approached by a person who suggested that I’d write about negativity.

But I won’t go into detail, I thought I’d make some kind of series? and this would be some kind of intro to it. Hows that?

We can’t deny the fact that we are all a mix of both negativity and positivity

But some of us rely on situations, As in the situation itself will define their state of energy. (They don’t control it)

Whilst some of us try to remain a positive point of view; as in always looking at the glass half full..

Today, I am mainly and specifically speaking to those who cannot go a second without finding something wrong in every right thing that happens to them.

After all it is a habit built with time. So, it can be distrusted.

You have got to understand that being negative will get you nowhere. In fact it will only cause you more stress and anxiety while you are standing still.

I will not bore you with the ” Be positive” “Life is amazing” talk..

Because life is what you make it. Let’s face it not everyday is sunshine and rainbow…

I am being real here.. Raw I suppose.

Life will throw you under the rocks. it will even kick you some more.

The thing with it is that you got to face whatever situation you have. Also, find solution to fix whatever you can fix.

Unless you cannot change it, change the way you see it. It is all in your mind.


Have the mentality of being balanced. 

Not everyday is a good day, and not everyday is a bad day either. So be patient and let life shape you into being someone who is strong and capable of handling anything and everything you might face.


Yes, we cannot help but look at the worst cases as we live this life.


Surround yourself with positive people

Trust me if you’re around people who always bring you down.. You’ll always think that you’re on your knees.

Catch your thoughts!

As soon as you find yourself thinking negative and looking for anything that is wrong change your ideas and find the opportunity in the problem.


Stop Victimizing yourself!

Stop saying “Why me?” and claiming as if everyone in your life is trying to get you. Or everyone just hates you? For reasons you probably created in your mind.. Because here is a little tip… What you allow will continue, and when you decide that you are affected  by everything that goes on,, then definitely you are!

Be Appreciative

come on! Isn’t it enough that you woke up today? Isn’t that something to be grateful for…. Think about it? Small things in life matter the most.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

Karma works both ways, give what you want to receive.

Positive thinking = positive surrounding = Positive attitude = healthier brain


See, whether you think you’re strong or not you’re both right….

It is what you say to yourself that matters.. And if I repeated myself millions of times of how positive and a good life you could have, you will never feel that unless you decided that you do.

Remember we are all going through stuff, some may show it, others don’t.

But nobody is fully happy and vice versa…

be gentle on yourself, you are all you’ve got.

And this negativity thinking will only hurt your brain, body and soul.

Remind yourself that you are good enough and you truly deserve all good things.

Work hard to make things work. Nothing will come to you in a silver platter, or gold,,, or platinum … Go out there and make it happen..

It’s not about that life is too short or too long.

You live in the now.. Because I tell you,,,,, Tomorrow is not promised dear, and your complaining will not fix anything. Take it from a person who used to complain about almost anything.

Now I pause, think, re think and act on it.

Make the best of what you’ve got.


Quotes found to push you even more:






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