Don’t Let It Define You!

It is actually rare right now to tell someone that they look good exactly the way they are.

There is always something needed to be added…

  • ….If only you had longer hair
  • ….If only you were taller
  • ….If only you dressed a certain way.

and so on….

As if ( In order to do all that you would meet “the standards”)

Social media plays a big role in setting those standards. You see those ads as you scroll down, or posts of people you follow…. They somehow end up having an impact on you.. whether you like it or not. Some of us might not actually care due to the strong personality and awareness of oneself.. But others are extremely affected..

You see all those famous people showing you how “good life” is or should be.. which I myself find to be very materialistic

(I am doing photography and I got to be in behind the scenes of many things.. So trust me when I say; nothing you see on the social media is truly “it”… Especially those ads or the things those famous people do.. Mostly they do it for show. So nothing is as perfect as it might look)

After watching their snaps/posts… You are probably going like:

If only I had that car..or that bracelet.. Or those pair of shoes..

Because in your brain without those you are not good enough…

Girls are being told that the skinner they are the more accepted they will be in the society.

At a younger age you hear those girls expressing how they want to change the shape of their nose once they grow older… etc

Because somehow Social Media is setting the standards on how a person should look or be.

Which is unfortunate… We are more than our looks. And if it takes more than one blog post for you to actually believe it, then I will keep on writing…

We are missing a lot because we’re focusing on the outer side of ourselves..

We should be educated, smart… We should learn to have good behavior  at all times. We should learn to have clear intentions in things that we do.

Instead of watching tutorials of how to look good, try to read about how to feel good, because eventually it will lead you into having the confidence that you are looking good at all times; And it wouldn’t matter what others think because you know yourself damn well to let other’s opinions have power over you.

As you will also accept yourself the way you are.

Trust me when I say this:

Take all the time in the world to actually get to know yourself.

Who are you before the world told you who you should be or what you should look like?

The sooner you discover that you lack the confidence is the moment that you should realize that you are not fully aware of your capabilities... You are not aware of how an amazing person you either are or can be….

It is ok not to fully know yourself at an early age… I myself not know everything yet..


  • I have an image of how my life is and going to be.
  • I have standards of who my friends are and who gets to approach me socially.
  • I have limits that I’ve set for others not to cross..
  • I have the confidence that I am not perfect and I am ok with that.


The Comparison

“Because I compete with no one.. No one can compete with me”

Everything in the social media seems like a competition

Who gets the most followers…. likes…. comments..

As if we’re  defined by those numbers.

because of social media influencers they made it look as if your worth is based on such things.. Which is wrong.. Because who are you when Those platforms are down? Who are you when you’re unplugged?

Don’t let those things play a big role in your life.. Like defining who you are as a person.

Go offline for a while, write down the things you like about yourself and what you don’t like. Take sometime off to get to know yourself because once you do… Your self-esteem will not be shaken by irrelevant things whether it’s online or not.

You will be having the total confidence to be proud of who you are and what you look like without taking time to compare yourself to anyone else out there..because thats just a waste of the person you are.

As always I will leave you with some picked quotes by yours truly x




Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 3.19.58 AM.png





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