I think we all see ourselves in things that others don’t. And there is no way you could convince someone that those things truly represent you.

Somehow the things that reminds other people of us represents how they see us. It doesn’t matter if it was the sky, a cup of coffee or maybe a pair of shoes….

As complicated as we might seem, we are really simple creatures.. Somehow we like to twist things to see who is willing to take this weighted baggage.

Sometimes some people could reflect us, because we see us in them. Not necessarily in the way we look.. But who we are as humans.

First I would like to thank everyone who participated in this post. I really loved the way you contributed. you are all beautiful souls… Thank you so much


Now let me first show you what I think represents me ( Even though a lot of you expected a photo o a coffee mug) But  sadly no.

Here is a photo of what I think represents me.

IMG_2017-02-05 16:44:41.jpg


I believe that I am the kind of person that doesn’t hold grudges.

This cup isn’t necessarily  an empty cup, because you can always fill it to the top and then empty it again. This is how I see myself. I could be full of emotions or completely out of it.

I am a person who tends to forget a lot.. So sometimes this cup represents my brain. Empty of thoughts..

And I do see myself hungry for knowledge  and getting to know things where I am never fully learnt or fully aware of everything. There is always something to learn every day.

Look closely to see what other people choose what reflects you. because that’s how they actually see you. Know the thing and it’s characteristics.

But this does not define who you are..

What’s important is how you see yourself; anything else is irrelevant.


Here are some of the photos I have received from the lovely people on snapchat.





image1 (4).JPG

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 4.09.07 AM.png




I will contribute with this pic cause it resembles everything I truly enjoy which is nature and autumn


It represents me because I write about “Wonderland”

You shoot your target. You score your goal. You practice on what you want to achieve.


Her kids represents her♥

النافذه او بالكويتي “دريشه ” تمثلني ..
احب المعنى الضمني لهاا ..
نافذه .. يعني ضوو ليضوي العتمه !
شهيق .. زفير.. تجديد !

جميعنا يحتاج لنافذة امل في حياته
نافذة لدخول النور .. لتهمس لك مهما ساءت الامور هنالك ” منفذ لدخول النور ” لا تفقد الامل ..
و النافذة الاهم هي قلبك ❤️
“ان تكون حياً هذا فقط لا يكفي
يجب ان تمتلك ضوء
حرية و زهرة صغيرة ”
و في الختام نقول : • نافذة و جناحان يا الله

انا انسانه هاديه و دايما احب اخصص وقت لنفسي افكر فيه وبهالوقت دايما لازم يكونون هالاثنين معاي صوت البيانو اني اعزف او اسمع موسيقى تكون بس بيانو اذا كنت برا البيت و معاها القهوه


“Because I can be strong, bitter yet I know how to make people feel good”


احس هالصوره تمثلني كوب كتاب 😂لاني احب اقرأ كثير واحب الاكواب مثلك ههههه

IMG_1092.JPGI “always saw my self in the galaxy. So many time i drive for over hour and half just to lay down under it and  watch When it move slowly. i feel such comfort, and i dont know why it makes me feel like a young child. The the darkness what makes the stars shine more. And for me as much as i face things in life, i try to use it to make my self better.”

This photo was taken in north of Kuwait


Hello, my name is Saoud
I like to share this photo with you, I took this photo before 2 days at Bnaider. I like this type of photos cause I love cars, trucks, and bikes. I took this photo by panning after more than attempts was taken successfully.Therefore, this photo means a lot to me after that days because my friend lost his control and fall down after shooting this photo. But alhamdallah superficial wounds.

Special thanks go to:(not in a specific order)

( If I missed anyones name please contact me to let me know… ) I received photos in email and on instagram. So I may have missed a name by mistake..

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM.png

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