Photography Questions and Answers

I love being the person that helps out  anyone for anything. (If I could)

Asking around if I could be useful in any kind of way is such a pleasure.

Knowing that I am good at something gives me the urge to talk about it and share it with people around me. As tiny as the information might be, someone out there is looking all over for it.

I have suggested in my snapchat letting people know that they could ask me anything photography related.

I received 3 questions that I am about to answer here.

I’ll answer them in both Arabic and English to the audience.

& if you have any question related to photography you can leave a comment or send me an email ( )

Let’s do this:

How can I choose a camera that will be with me in all my trips:

First of all you need to know exactly what are you shooting. Secondly, knowing that you are traveling around, you honestly do not need more heavy weight to carry.. I have tried it and it sucks..

You need something that’s pocket size. I cannot really talk freely about the Sony or Panasonic or even canon cameras pocket cameras…. Because I simply  haven’t used them but from what I read you can check out

Plus I don’t want to write the reviews because this will make the post seem longer so I’ll just name few of the cameras and you can check out what you need according to your photography needs and budget.

canon g7x mark ii

Sony RX100 V


I myself use a Fuji xm1 and I am pretty satisfied with the results. You can check my review on it HERE

You can also check Fuji XT1/XT2

شلون اقدر اختار كاميرة ترافقني بكل رحلاتي؟

السؤال اللي لازم تسألينه؟ شنو تبين تصورين بالضبط..
(للامانه انا جربت اخذ عدتي كلها معاي.. و تضايقت من ثقل الجنطة(الحقيبه
ف اذا تصوير يوميات؟ انصح تكون كاميره صغيره تكفي بالمخبة.
انا ما جربت كاميرات وايد بس قريت عنهم
ما راح اكتب تقييمي و نقدي على الكاميرات لان البوست بيطول، بس اكتب الاسامي و انتي شوفي اللي يعجبج من استخدامج للكاميرة و اكيد الميزانية.

canon g7x mark ii

Sony RX100 V




How can I make the camera ready for fast shooting. I always lose shots because I take time fixing the focus or shutter speed. 

I have talked about this in different posts the AV mode will save tons of time for you because you only get to change the F stop/iso and the camera will automatically change the shutter speed according to that.

If you were indoor with less lighting, higher the ISO number and lower the f stop to the least number you can because the lower the number of the f stop the more light gets in.. The more light the brighter the image..

But you need to consider a good shutter speed of at least 50 so you won’t have a shaky photo as a result.

 كيف اخلي الكامره للاتقاط السريع؟ دايم تضيع علي لقطات بسبب يا اعدل الفوكس يا اعدل الشتر كم …؟

AVللاسف ما سألت شنو الكامره بس في الكانون وضع ال
اللي اهو يتحكم بسرعه الغالق. ما عليك الا تغير الايزو و و فتحه العدسه. و على حسب هالارقام يتغير الشتر سبييد.
اذا كنتو بمكان داخلي و الاضاءه خفيفه، رفعو رقم الايزو و نزلو رقم فتحه العدسة كثر ما تقدرون.
و الفوكس خلوه اوتو، و حطو نقطة التركيز على الشي اللي تبون تصورونه

 كل ما كان رقم فتحه العدسه صغير كل ماكانت الفتحه اكبر و العكس صحيح


download (1).jpeg

How to get a good shot?

Ok you need to know exactly why are you taking this photo? what are you trying to show or why are you shooting this picture… The more you have a good reason the more your photos will be simple and neat.

Let’s say you want to have a good picture of a cup of coffee.

Lighting…Lighting… Lighting.

If you have no natural get some artificial ones ( I prefer natural light though )

Do not clutter… I mean if people get to see your photo what do you want them to see first?

The more the camera settings are right, the better the results are.

I have wrote something about this Click Here

And also you can find some of the Apps and more tips HERE

I hope that somehow I helped you finding your answer. Feel free to comment below your suggestions/questions

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  1. Many thanks for your time and effort and for your sincere feelings in wanting to help and improve others. God Bless you 🙂


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