Something About “Change”

It is taking me a while to actually start this post. Maybe because it has been a while since I have written anything… I feel strange but let’s do this..


Somehow in our lives we feel that we don’t want to change anything.. Just because of a simple fact ..(We’re used to it) Whatever that is.

But you see, your days will not remain as they are forever… . People may come, leave, hurt you.

You might grow out of loving some kind of food or change your way of thinking… You could also be suffering from something that nobody knows about.

You might even find it really hard to wake up in the morning just because…


I am a strong believer that everyday is NOT the same. And you have an opportunity …  a chance to change a lot of things internally or externally. .


To have the mindset in accepting “Change” could make you a flexible person. 

When we are too attached to the situation that we are in, or people we have in our lives; we get extremely stressed and anxious when a slight difference occurs in our daily routine.


I believe that change helps you grow mentally. When you give yourself a chance to view things differently, you automatically have an opportunity to own new information and knowledge. which eventually will help you grow.


” It takes courage to let go of the familiar and look for something new”


I have said that before and I will say it again, Life happens for you not to you.

So whatever happens embrace it, let it strengthen you, shape you and change you to the better.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.”

So don’t expect you can face tomorrow with the mentality of yesterday.

You should always be under construction because life is an ongoing thing..


Even with all those words that I am aware of writing, I am still somehow scared of change.

I am talking a whole different life. New chapter. Different routine.

Not only having a fear of failing this next life’s chapter.. But things might not go the way I planned? imagined?

I suppose they say you should take the jump and you’ll see yourself flying..

But I might not even have wings..


It is totally ok to take some time off to rethink everything that is happening to you..

re-arrange things or people in your life the way it makes you more comfortable..

This is your life. It is a one time thing.

Quit trying to please everyone else around you at your expense.


“Those who matter don’t mind, and those you might don’t matter”

After all whoever is meant to be in your life they will.

And whatever is meant to be for you will not pass you.

As long as “Change” will do you good then go ahead and plan it out, act on it.

Now the fun part, as always I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes:






Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM.png


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