Are You ?


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


So guess what! It is like I am open to suggestions now.. apparently

But no worries it is actually fun!

I always have an opinion about things..

This time it is about “The crime of being different or having a different mindset in our society”

A lot of people especially in our society don’t understand mental growth. They are fixed on certain patterns or ways that will never change. If somehow someone around them is different, they will automatically point him wrong. As if we are all meant to think in the same way, act the same way or even have the same taste in things. Because “if you don’t agree with me then you are wrong”…



As you’re growing older you are getting exposed to information and knowledge that shapes you to the person you’ll end up being. Even if both people received same knowledge, it is not necessary they perceived it the same way.

As soon as you understand that and you are well aware of it you’ll begin to accept that other people have different mindsets because they don’t have the same way of compression that you have.

I am well aware I don’t know everything. Thus, I accept different opinions, concepts and point of views.


In our society there are a lot of people claim to know everything and because they “think” they do, they wouldn’t accept anything that is different from them.

In all honestly, the people in your society may hate you or blame you for being different but a lot of them wish they had your courage…..

You got to be strong and live for something. You need to have your own standards and not just live by society’s standards.

The whole idea is not to be different, but to be yourself and you shouldn’t  fear or worry about  what society thinks.


*Most of them work so hard to be something other than themselves which is kind of pitiful

Always remember, having a fixed mindset will not lead you to grow mentally. And let the society blame you for all you care about is knowing that you are yourself.






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