Improve Your Communication Skills

This post is dedicated to the girl who asked me to write about it..

So I may not be a professional in this field but I am experienced. 

From being the girl with no voice, only speaks when spoken to, to this confident outspoken person I am today.

I believe that it is not an overnight process to learn how to have communication skills. But with loads of work and dedication it could do you good. Plus this thing called “comfort zone”.. Yes you need to get out of it….

To be able to communicate freely with everyone around you no matter who the person is, you need certain skills that will help you out.

Be a good listener

Most of us wait for the other person to stop talking so we could reply. Try taking time to actually listen to what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. You know the tone of the voice says a lot..

Be Clear 

Sometimes we talk a lot but only to mean one thing. Say what you want directly. It will make it easier for you and them.

Be Friendly

Try using a friendly tone, it will encourage others to actually talk to you. No matter the topic.


I get to disagree a lot with people around me but I try not to be defensive. In a calm voice I end up saying “I agree to disagree”

You don’t always have to be right. It is ok not to agree on things around you. Be respectful and people will automatically respect you.


Confidence is key. Above all you have to be confident in what you say, and how you say it. This is why you need to know what you’re saying before you do. In all your words and actions, you should know why you said what you said, when you said it. It will make you look like you’re actually aware….

Accept feedback

Sometimes I say things that aren’t right, so I am open to be corrected. And if there is something I don’t know I’d ask, read and get to know it. Once you realize that it is ok to be wrong, you wouldn’t fear speaking freely.

Improving your communication skills takes time and courage. I believe in eye contact. Make sure you look into the others persons eyes while you’re talking to them.

I get irritated if someone  in front of me talking with sunglasses on. You will always find me asking them to remove it so I can easily look directly into their eyes.

In the end you just need to keep in you mind the fact, they are humans…. And you should not get scared or hesitant to talk to them because they’re just like you,,,

I hope somehow you found your answers..


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