An Opportunity To Grow

I promised myself not to make this post emotional. I want it to be motivating and efficient.

I mean straight to the point right?


Sometimes when you have your life put together you think it is going to last; So you forget to take your time in appreciating everything that you currently have.

Let’s take me as an example?

Around this time let’s say September (last year)

I was in college I had 4 units to get through, I did my freelancing (photographer) and I also had a part time job ( more like PR/Adverting) kind of a thing.

Let’s also not forget that every time I resign from a job I apply for something else. So I have no time to actually do anything other than those three.

In my last semester I quit my job because I wanted to fully focus on studies due to “graduation reasons” so I needed to be fully attended……

It has been 3 months now since I have graduated and every financial income has been cut of… We can’t forget the fact that I am extremely independent on me myself and I….

So can you tell how anxious I am?

I have been trying to do bits here and there just to pay my bills.. and it’s frustrating.

Yes, my family is still here and I can always ask them for money. But call it pride or whatever I just can’t. Yes I do get to ask for fuel or some necessities. But a girl needs her payments you know what I mean?

Because I always buy whatever I want, whenever I want. And to ask for money you’re kind of obliged to give reasons on why and what…


(( I haven’t received my degree yet or any paper that proves that I have graduated, so I can’t really apply anywhere yet))


So this is just a short brief of what I’m going through right now.. Let’s jump in the “Why you shouldn’t worry part”

First of all,

like any phase in your life this is just Temporary.

Some might say that I  needed a break so take that as one?

But I get tired if I didn’t do anything for a period of time.. Do you get me?

Notice the good things in your life.

  • You are healthy.
  • You have good people around you that supports you no matter what.
  • You’ve come along way… So why stop now?

You don’t always have to know and get everything.

Take one thing at a time.     |||  It is really ok to start all over again.

Yes, things might not be happening the way I thought it would be. But maybe it’s shifting for the better? I always thought I will graduate and get the job that I wanted but hey, nothing everything goes the way we want. and If we somehow can’t change some things in our lives, we have to change our mindset and views about it.

If you can change it, do it; if you can’t just change the way you think about it.


So from being totally miserable the past few weeks; I am getting myself back together. I know I am stronger than this and I know it will pass.


Remember this: Everything is a matter of time. 

Whether it was the good times or the bad ones. Once you absorb this, you’ll know better that to punish yourself from screwing up so much or for thinking that you’d failed… thinking that it is the end. Because it’s not. As long as you keep trying, you’re not failing.

Those who quit are failures.

You’ve got this. 

Here is something to boost you up as well. Two of my favorite Robin Sharma’s videos. 

What is Leadership/How Great Leaders Think – Robin Sharma


5 Maxims for Maximum Success – Robin Sharma



Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM.png


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