My Experience With A Personal Shopper

So apparently not everyone is aware of personal shopping and that it is a real job…

Nada and I thought we should do this collaboration to clear things out.

So in the video below it explains a lot… But I just wanted to write about my experience.


If you know me, You’d know I’m always going for the safe casual style and if I wanted to feel fancy I’d just go for ‘casual chic’

For one occasion I wanted to look a bit classic, so I just told her… (What can I possibly wear?” She brought the pleated skirt and it was PINK…hmm? Should I?

She asked me to try it on and see how it looks like;

It was exactly what I wanted.

Maybe if I was on my own I wouldn’t for a second give that pleated skirt a look when I’m walking through the racks

>This is the full outfit ♥



To  have someone suggest something that you might not even have thought of was a real challenge for me; But it got me out of my comfort zone looking good hah!

She has also helped me put up the Topshop lookbook that I have done earlier.

Click Here to View it in Case you haven’t.






5 thoughts on “My Experience With A Personal Shopper

    1. Well, no you’re totally not obliged to buy what they pick. For me I honestly don’t like wasting time looking through the racks so I’d always mention what I’m into or what I see myself wearing, this is where the PS comes and picks things that matches the style I came up with. Whether I like the piece or not it’s up to me. After all they just help you minimize the time that it would take you searching ( thats how I see it) plus sometimes it would be nice to change your style a bit. So why not? but never feel that you’re obliged at all.

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