Market To Gen Y & Z

I was majored in Business management. But I truly loved the marketing field and I still do. So trust me when I say I loved every bit of it. One of the units that I was taking in college was’Consumer Behaviour’. And it explains the behaviour of the consumer from the second they think about buying the product to the ways of disposing it.

Who influenced them? How did they decide to buy? used the product.. etc

Marketers study the generations to know what exactly is needed and ways to advertise the products.


Generation Y 

Also known as (Millennials) Age ranged between 1980 to 1995



I am proud to be from this Generation.√

Keywords: Confident, multi-task, smartphones, family oriented, innovative. Values, independent

This generation created with what we call now the digital world.

Coming up with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, google…..

  • This Generation lived prior this ‘digital era’ and we’re still here. They still know what it was like when there was no Instagram. We actually had tangible photo albums. We used to communicate by actually talking to each other face to face.

Want to attract this Generation?

Give them something they could share to others. Sell them something that doesn’t only look good but it has benefits. Even though they appreciate being in groups-peers. But Gen Yers they appreciate their individuality, so give them something that is different.

Most of Gen Yers aspire to have their own businesses and a lot of us do now.. they rely on themselves and want to change the ‘world’. Gen Yers are creative and hard workers So time is important. They’re very straightforward. If you pitch it right you’ll sell it right away.

Gen Yers want a genuine brand that doesn’t only sell products but has a cause. They like to feel that somehow even with purchasing a product; they’re contributing in saving the environment for example.

Quality and service are as important.

I’d totally leave a store even if I wanted to buy something just because the service wasn’t good. I’d stop going  to a restaurant if the restaurant had quality issues.

Genn Yers are intelligent. So your business should be authentic and original.


Generation Z


Also known as iGen born after 1995

Keywords: Internet, online,educated,speed, connected, technology, smarter.

Even though Gen Yers almost created all what Gen Z is using right now. But Generation Z actually were born in the middle of all that. They don’t remember what it was like to live a life without technology. So they believe that it is over for them if they were “offline”.

They are always on their cellphones. they rarely communicate physically(face to face). They might not understand what a landline is. Their lives are driven by technology and I don’t think they’d function without it. So using magazines to advertise for a Gen Z is a huge mistake and a waste of your time/money.

Want to pitch something to them?

Use the social media platforms. Grab their attention by being on those applications. Gen Z is the future, so it’s really important to listen closely to them and know what they need. Gen Z is less worried about money not like Gen Yers. Gen Z will work hard and find a job of their dreams yet Gen Yers want financial stability.

They’re influenced by their peers. they’re not patient, if they want something they want it now. if your restaurant lacks for example an application or maybe you don’t do home delivers they’d think you’re not good enough. Whatever that you do it has to be ‘connected’. Don’t bother with those flyers or hardcopies. They rather have things sent to their smartphones. They do a lot of volunteer work. Anything to help the society, environment and help save the world. They are still building their personalities. They are also self educators and very fast learners.


So this is a brief about how to market for both both Generation Y & Z.

Which Generation you belong to?

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.04.47 PM.png

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