Caribou Coffee Review

I was walking in the mall today and passed by Caribou Coffee, I thought to myself why not?

I have never tried their coffee blends. So I bought two

  • Caribou Blend – Medium Roast 

*Heavy taste with a neat finish. The coffee was bitter. The way I liked it. a bit sweet and spicy.

〉If you like something that isn’t too strong or light. Just good enough I’d suggest this blend.

  • DayBreak Morning Blend- Light Roast

*I did not like this one* It tasted fruity? citrusy ? The coffee was really light…

The blend was Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Colombian with a hint of Ethiopian beans ( Can you guess I was blinded when I saw #Ethiopian ?

〉Anyways if you were into light taste that is fruity go for this one.

Let’s point out that I am a fan of medium roast blend/ and I’d always go for Ethiopian beans. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Can you tell which is which?

Left: DayBreak Morning Blend

Right: Caribou Blend


What’s your favorite blend? beans? taste?

Let me know in the comment below


xo Ms poet

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