Favorite Books

Someone suggested I’d post about my favorite books, I have many..

But I dont want this post to be too long; So here are some of my favorite books:

Side Note: I am a sucker for #Self #Improvement/ #self-help genre 


Enjoy x



But first let me me introduce to one of my favorite poets;; His pieces speak to me in ways I cannot even explain.

Whiskey. Words. And A Shovel By R.H. Sin


The Rules To Break By Richard Templar

is mainly a personal code for living live my way. To me these types of books are like reminders..



The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma

We are more than we think we are. We are capable of doing wonders, if we truly believe in ourselves.



Who Will Cry When You Die By Robin Sharma

Being a really good person to yourself and others, will make a lot of people truly miss you when you’re gone. It guides you to have a life that is fulfilled with joy, peace, and serenity. “101 solutions to life’s most complex problems” Live Fully so you can die happy.



The Rules  Of Work By Richard Templar

A definitive code for personal success. This book is a guideline for your ‘job’ It improves your way of thinking, feeling and goal setting for the workplace. Helps you gain respect, admiration and confidence.


The Greatest Guide by Robin Sharma

101 Lessons for making what’s good at work and in life even better

I believe that we can better ourselves everyday. Mistakes can be fixed, routines can be changes. And no you’re never too old to be better or to change your life. There is always time to develop yourself. don’t wait for the ‘chance’ but create it.

Humans Of New York ( HONY) By Brandon Stanton

Well, this is absolutely one of my favorites. It helps me see how we’re others think or see things. It reflects their ideas and point of views in life. This book inspires me a lot. To realize there are different type of people whether in looks, thoughts or way of life. This book inspired me to start my 100 Strangers back in 2014.





What are some of your favorite books?


xo Ms Poet

4 thoughts on “Favorite Books

  1. Thank you for sharing your list . some of my favourite books are :
    Don’t sweat the small stuff.
    Art as Therapy.
    The pilgrimage of Harold Frey.
    Decoding the universe.
    Einstein’s Dreams.
    War of world views .
    And many more 🙂

    Thanks again 😘🌸


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