My Top 5 Coffees in Kuwait

When you say coffeeshop I think

  • Casual
  • Cozy
  • Friends

So, it is very important for me to feel comfortable in any place I sit in.  Especially because I I love working anywhere but home because I tend to procrastinate when I’m home.

So to have a place that is comfy and friendly is everything.


#01 Caffeine

*Drip Coffee

#02 St Almakan

*Salted Caramel Latte


#03 Makzara Cafe

*Bosnian Coffee

#04 Poele Cafe


#05 Starbucks Coffee 

*Iced Caramel Shaken(with ice/without)

The ambiance is everything


If I had work to do, I’d stay in a place for around 3+ hours… And to be able to hang in a place for so long it’s really important to me to be happy. ♥

Do you have a ‘to go’ place to have coffee with friends? 

xo Ms Poet

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