How To Be Happy #Notetoself

There is no road to happiness. You do not work hard to be happy, you simply be.

There are things we should change about ourselves, lifestyle and mental status so we can actually know what it is like to be happy.
No one is happy all the time. How would you know you’re happy if you haven’t experienced the sad times…
Here are my 7 ways to be happy: 
This is what I actually do; so I thought I’d share it with you.

  • Take the time to find out what you truly love and go ahead and do it. 

✨Nobody was born and knew what their purpose was. They had to experience and know different things to actually get where they are right now.

Yes it will take time but trust me it will be worth it.

  •  Worry less

✨If there are things you can change in your life, go ahead and change them. If not; then don’t waste your energy on it. Worrying has got me no where except for losing sleep, energy, and the process itself, gave me headaches.

  • Love yourself.

✨If you cannot love yourself how can you love others? If you don’t take care of yourself how can you treat others good?

Get yourself gifts. Put yourself first… and no it is not being selfish; you should appreciate yourself and your existence. Once you actually truly love yourself, you will learn to accept yourself and when this happens, you’re less concerned with what others think of you because you just know “You”…

  • You cannot control the results

✨Once you realise that, you won’t take it so hard on yourself. I would work so hard on something but then things don’t go my way.. once I acknowledged the fact that there is always something better than what I have planned (which is true almost all the time) Then I move on to the next thing. It’s like you trust your journey that at the end all the pieces will fit together.

  • Set goals and objectives (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)

✨You cannot go on your days without knowing what you want to achieve. Even if it was small tasks throughout the day. The feeling of ticking off the to do list is just beyond me.

Set daily goals. There is no harm in working on your 5 to 10 years objectives.

You don’t want to live day by day not knowing what you actually want or what you really live for or your vision of where you want to be.. Then you might as well just go ahead and die? right?

  • Be kind to others. 

✨There is absolutely nothing more joyful that to be able to help others. This will make you happy without sweating it. To be able to support someone else, be there for them will make you happy in ways you won’t imagine.

  • Clear your mind off bad ideas/thoughts and fill it with good thoughts only. 

✨I truly believe that what you think will become. No necessary right away but eventually. So open your heart, soul and mind to what you really want to accept. Let your mindset be filled with expectation of good things that will come for you and happen to you. #PositiveMindset

When you are negative from the inside you automatically spread out bad vibes, people will eventually notice that and feel that your existence with them is just heavy…

  1. I can always improve
  2. I like to challenge myself
  3. I am inspired by people around me
  4. I wake up with a determination of making a difference
  5. I can learn anything that I want to


This blog post is inspired by a video I watched yesterday by the lovely  Mary Elizabeth 

How to be happy #NoteToSelf


There is no right or wrong in this. 

Let me know what are your ways of happiness?

xo Ms Poet

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