What I have learnt from Lucifer (TV Series)

Let me tell you my thoughts about the show.

I have watched the full season 01 and based on that this is what I think:

Firstly, I thought the show was going to be more evil which it wasn’t.. Unfortunately.

Throughout the episodes you will realize that they are so predictable.

For me I didn’t even  have to guess then next scene….

I felt more like a police/crime-solving kind of a series with a twist (the devil thing).. You’d almost forget the whole devil evil kind of feel while watching it

Other than that I loved the humor that the character ‘Lucifer’ ( Tom Ellis ) offers in the show.

The ending though,, It doesn’t make sense, it actually made me feel unsure about the whole series..

It is a fun kind of a show to watch, it actually made me laugh. I found it weird that the devil wasn’t really “evil”? I am still digesting this fact but oh well..

I am still in a debate whether I like it or no.. But definitely I’m in between.

So now I’ll list some of the things I’ve learnt from Lucifer:

  • Everyone has both good and bad in them. No one is fully good or fully bad.
  • We are all vulnerable to something or someone.. whether we like it or not..
  • Sometimes even when you tell the truth, there are people that won’t believe you.

The only two reasons that I am going to watch season two are

  1. To know the answer for my question in the finale ep in S01
  2. For the wittiness of the series. (Funny moments)

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