Lately I Have Been Using These…


It has been a while since my last beauty post.

Will be linking my previous beauty posts at the end of this one.

And let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what was your experience?



Olay Total effects (7 in 1) Moisturizer 

The cream is really light. It absorbs really well. Not leaving my skin greasy, especially the T zone.  Also it is really good for those with sensitive skins.( It does not itch) I am still debating the fact whether I’m getting this again or not.. But overall it’s not so bad for its price.


Schwing® Black Liquid Eyeliner

Let’s begin by saying this is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used. The pigmentation is just beyond me. This bottle has lasted for more than two months and I use it almost everyday.

I love the application tip that is has, easy to use.


H&M Route 66

I didn’t believe it as well! I haven’t tried H&M makeup but this lipstick is everything! If you’vebeen following me or reading my posts, you’d know I’d always go for nude lipsticks that are matte and creamy.. So I introduce to you Route 66. 

I will be getting a new one because I’m almost out… Can you tell in the photo below? haha

The one downside to this one it’s that it is more creamy that matte so I have to re-apply ever every now and then. It does not last for long…

MaxFactor Mastertouch All Day Concealer

Yes, this concealer is about to finish as well I really wanted to give a proper review..So I gave it more than a chance to but it all came to this:

In all honesty it does not cover the blacks underneath my eyes all so well (Medium coverage)

Wearing it alone is not a good idea. This is why I recommend using a primer and an orange corrector. If you want the dark circles to actually disappear.

The texture of this concealer is nice though, it blends really well and it does not crease through the day. This was my first purchase and most definitely my last..  



Revlon PhotoReady™ Eye Primer + Brightener

I would definitely recommend this if you want a brighter base (under-eye)

With this and a a good concealer you’re good to go for a good looking bright under-eye.



NARS x Steven Klein – One Shocking Moment Cheek palette 

I am  in love with the Limited edition palette

This palette contains a highlighter/contour duo/ bronzer and blushes.

What else would you need? haha

I love how pigmented the blushes are. My favorite would be Dolce Vita (the first  blush on the right.) It really gives you the warm dark-red kind of cheeks.

Also I am more into peachy cheeks which Luster ( Shimmer look )  is all about.

Maybe I have the type of skin that absorbs makeup really fast because one downside  to this one is that it does not last so much.. It’s only a matter of time until it fades out. If you tried it let me know your experience with those blushes.


Lime Crime lipsticks

I’ve heard a lot about LimeCrime. So, I wanted to see what is the hype  all about?.

Yes I am in love with the colors and no I am not liking how it leaves my lips looking/feeling.

I know that I won’t be getting more of LC lipsticks…

What I like about it is that it does last for long.

I have Riot/Cashmere


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xo Ms Poet


3 thoughts on “Lately I Have Been Using These…

  1. Just rediscovered your blog and I love it! The photography is amazing and everything is just so beautiful!!


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