It Has Been A While…

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Let me begin by saying Hi there, how are you?

I was extremely busy with uni because (Hopefully) this is my last semester.

I am still waiting for the results but after that I am officially a graduate with a bachelors degree in Business Management.


As my dad said and I will quote him “This isn’t over, your life is about to begin

Well, that was scary…


Yet, I am ready to get to explore what I am capable of.

Yes, I did work here and there, but I’ve always done “Part times jobs”

Having a full job is just scary but I’m up to experience all that I could..


Whatever job that I am going to be applying for soon won’t have anything to do with what I really want.

You see, I am one of those people who cannot bare the feeling of having to be told what to do… and to have a job means you have someone who is superior? over you….

I think that I do take it personal? I don’t know but this is the reason that I need to be working to have my own kind of a thing..

So, whatever job that I will be applying for soon will definitely be temporary


Anyways, I am back to the bloggin’ life finally…♥ ; will set a schedule very soon..

On a different note, I have started watching Lucifer few days ago.. and let me tell you…. I am hooked!

And as usual you should be expecting a ” What I have learnt from  Lucifer” Post as soon as I’m done with the season.

Find out

What I have learnt from TV Shows 

What I have learnt from The Walking Dead S05


I’ll leave you with this now; and until next post;


xo Ms Poet

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