Blue Circle – #isupport

It saddens me to see the spotlight and the attention is going for things that aren’t adding much to our lives.

It bothers me to see that some people consider “fashion/beauty”are more important than to highlight things that could help us be better people, help us be aware health wise.

Money is not everything… If you spend your health to grow your wealth… You’ll end up using your wealth to save your health later.. There are more things in life than to collect and gain financials..



What is blue circle:

A youth group that works together under the umbrella of the international diabetes federation and Kuwait diabetes society and their purpose is to spread awareness and give moral support to diabetics.

How did it start:

Kuwait diabetes society chose a representative which is Maryam Alostad to be part of the international diabetes federation young leaders program and the program contained more than 70 type one diabetics world wide and they all had type 1 diabetes. The purpose of the program is to train all the diabetics how to be leaders and support diabetes in their countries. After the program was finished Maryam came back to kuwait and in collaboration with kuwait diabetes society blue circle was established.

Who are blue circle members:

Most of the members are diabetics type one and type two and there are volunteers that aren’t diabetics but join us to support the cause.

How do we spread awareness:

We have a program called diabetes ambassadors founded by under the supervision of Blue Circle’s vice president mohammed Albahr. The program consist of going to schools and who ever requests the program. we do a presentation about diabetes like what it is and how to manage it and also we get to talk about our selves and about our life with diabetes.

Also we do Carbs counting work shops.

How do we do moral support:

We do fun events ( treasure hunt, bowling, WDD event) and participate in many expos where diabetics can join us. Meeting other diabetics and having something in common ease many things on others that are struggling to adapt to the condition. We share information on how to manage our diabetes and it also give a boost to those who are neglecting their diabetes to do better.


“Life is tough my darling, but so are you”


Click the link below to go to their Instagram page.


**Here is a photo of me shooting for their campaign.

image1 (2).JPG



xo Ms Poet

One thought on “Blue Circle – #isupport

  1. We need to change from the inside & understand the real meaning of life, being healthy is the best gift ever.

    God bless your words.


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