24 Things I’ve learnt by the age of 24

My Birthday is officially over.I am officially 25 today.

My birthday two days ago, 27th of January.

Anyways, I thought of collecting things I’ve learnt the past years and including all the things I’ve learnt this past year.


  1. Face whatever problem that I have… It won’t just go away if I went to sleep.
  2. If I don’t feel like doing something, I won’t do it. #easy
  3. I believe that everything is a phase. Never attach yourself to people or things.
  4. It is ok not to be ok.. Take some time off people, it is healthy.
  5. I should always be grateful. and remind myself of all the good things that happened to me, and the good things that I currently have.
  6. Offering help to whoever is in need is a crucial thing.
  7.  A lot of people aren’t what they seem to be.. Trust your gut. It is never wrong.
  8. Setting limits for people is the best thing I have done.
  9. I believe in Karma so Watch out.
  10. Keep your camera with you at all times!!!
  11. Try new things, like places; food…
  12. Change is good. don’t let it scare you.
  13. Being in my comfort zone won’t help me much.. Move a little bit further,, Step by step it is all ok..
  14. If you have trust issues, keep them..
  15. Coffee will forever be a good idea.
  16. Food will always be the next good idea.
  17. Keep in mind that you are good enough, you deserve everything thats good and beyond.
  18. If you can’t fix it let it go. If you can, then go ahead
  19. Following the previous reminder, Do not stress!
  20. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be.
  21. Your imagination might fool you don’t let it take over..
  22. You did your best and you are doing your best so don’t be hard on yourself.
  23. If it didnt work out.. there are other ways..
  24. Prioritizing yourself is not “being selfish”, it is a way to be happy.


These are things I’ve learnt and reminders for me….

I am eager to see what this year has for me.


xo Ms Poet


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