Be Busy With Yourself

First of all, I hope you’re having a good day/night wherever you are.

I will also try not to make this long…

Here we go:


I know a lot of us usually keep their eyes on other peoples lives, work, success or failure.

We try to use their “paths” to build ours. We try to find out their ways and try to make it our own… Which is completely wrong!

We get so busy thinking about others and how they are living instead of getting busy with ourselves.. building/creating and having a path of our own.

This ‘routine’ will fill your life with negativity… You will always see those who are better than you, or convince yourself you’re the best by seeing those who aren’t good at what they do in your field…


Somehow we forget to be busy with ourselves, bettering the life we’re living.

It is ok to learn about yourself, get to know yourself.. This might look easy but it is a hard process.

Know what you like and don’t like. Find out what are your favorite things?

colors? to do? type of people to hang out with or be inspired from? style? personalities you want to get with?…etc


There are things we miss in the process of keeping our eyes on others and how they do what they do.

The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval. -Denis Waitley

It’s ok to take some time off people and be with yourself to know more about you

Trust me once you  realize all that you like and don’t like, once you set your standards you’ll change a lot of things… starting the people you hang out with, choices you make, places you go.. so on



Waiting for people’s Validation

“Care about what others think and you will always be their prisoner.” -Law Tzu

  • You don’t need peoples acceptance to live your life.
  • You don’t need approval to do whats right for you.
  • You don’t need any nod to start doing what you love.


We stop ourselves for pursuing the things that we want in fear of what people would say.. In fear of what people would think…

You know at the end who is the one who is affected by those fears? Only you

I truly hope somehow this post would wake you up if you were one of those people…

Stop trying to compete with others and start competing with yourself.. because everyday while you’re pushing yourself to do better you’ll only get better.. And As soon as you seriously stop looking how others do what they do you won’t have any fear that there is someone who’s “beating” you because at the end it is YOUR path, and your path only.

Own it | Live it | Enjoy it

*Because this path is basically your life.


بحاول اختصر الكلام

وايد ناس عايشين حياتهم و عينهم بحياة غيرهم.. شنو فلان يشتغل و شنو مسوي و شلون.. الخ

في منهم اللي يشوف اللي اعلى منه ف يطيح من نفسه و في اللي يشوف “اقل” منه و يعتقد ان اهو احسن واحد

نشغل حياتنا بغيرنا و نستخدم طريقتهم بالحياه و نتوقع بنحصل نفس النتيجه…

كل شخص له طريجه الخاص يمشي فيه…

من الضروري انك تشغل نفسك بنفسك و مو عيب ولا غلط انك تعرف انت شنو و تحطلك معايير تمشي فيها بالحياه..

صدقوني عقب ما تاخذون الوقت عشان تتعرفون على نفسكم راح تغيروون وايد اشياء، منها الناس حوالينكم، الاماكن اللي تروحولها و خياراتكم بالحياة بسكل عام راح تتغير. الوقت اللي تعرف نفسك فيه اهو الوقت اللي بتلقى راحتك..
لا تنطر قبول الناس عشان تعيش حياتك..

اذا انت شايف الشي صح، و شي تحبه ليش لأ؟

مو عيب انك تعرف نقاط ضعفك و تقوي نفسك*

مو عيب لما تعرف انك تغلط بأشياء معينه؛ تصلح الغلط*

عادي ترى ماكو ولا انسان يعرف كل شي. بس في اللي يعرف نفسه و يقيمها. هذا الفرق. ف يسوي الصح و الشي اللي يصلح له..

ما يذبحنا و يضايقنا و ما يخلينا ننام بليل اهو الخوف من تفكير الناس او رد فعلهم للشي اللي نسويه.
صدقوني بالنهايه هذه حياتكم و الناس كلها على بعضها تتعبر مراحل بالحياة، ناس تدخل حياتك و تظل حتى لو فترة طويله بس بالاخير بكلمتين “كلنا راحلون” ف وقف انك تنطر القبول من الناس و تعطيهم الحق انهم يقيمون حياتك لانك راح تكون طول عمرك عايش بإنتظار.

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