Birthday Wishlist *15 Days to go*

So I just wanted to post this as a reminder.

Click Here to view my previous list.

I suck at buying gifts, so I rather ask people what do they exactly want and I’d simply go get it..

My birthday is on the 27th January, I am a proud Aqua girl.

and I prefer having things that I want instead of getting things that I may not even use.

I think I am being logical aren’t I?


  1. iPhone 6s rose gold 64GB
  2. Kindle paperwhite
  3. R.H Sin Book Whiskey, Words, and a shovel. Click Here to order it online Or On Amazon 😀
  4. Daniel Wellington Black Leather watch
  5. A Cake?
  6. Customized Mug
  7. Fuji xa2





Let’s not forget I can afford getting myself all those. But that’s the idea of Birthdays and gifts right? To get older and get the gifts  



♦ When is your birthday?

♦ What’s in your Birthday Wishlist?

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